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The Opportunity Lab - OPPORTUNITIES for the Helpless

Opportunities For The Helpless
Poverty everywhere

Initiatives none

Programs everywhere

Transformations none

Fake solutions everywhere

Real impact none

Credit mongers everywhere

True philanthropists rare

Millions come and go – aimlessly

A few work with a goal – passionately

Millions waste on useless motions

A few try bringing innovative solutions

A decade back I invited motivational speaker Sujit Lalwani to infuse my students with a positive spirit. Mr. Sujit Lalwani inspired students to take up small projects for solving our common problems. He mesmerized every participant with his ideas and inspired them to take up social development as a mission. The memories of that amazing session inspired me to share this article because the agenda is still relevant. Mr. Sujit Lalwani had asserted that a positive attitude and a positive initiative can make anything happen. When people are determined to make it happen, they will make it happen. When people have a purpose and they are confident about their path, they are able to create an impact. We really need people with purpose. This article will take you to a new chapter in great human initiatives.

We have heard a lot about poverty removal programs. Many types of poverty removal programs have come and drained our economy without any impact. Poverty remains deeply rooted in our villages. Are there no solutions? The governments have failed miserably in their initiatives. They have only spread the virus of corruption through their charity programs. Is there any hope? Yes, I am very much impressed by an initiative.

Opportunities For The Helpless Unlike other initiatives, this initiative will succeed through common people. It has not come from the government and that is why it is so authentic. This initiative is titled “Opportunity Lab”. Dr. Sudhanshu, who is a serial social entrepreneur, has come up with this idea. The idea is to train, support, and empower villagers, farmers, and women so that we may have a truly bright future ahead. Many great workers and social entrepreneurs are engaged in this initiative to transform the lives of the common people.
These people have only one mission – to create opportunities for the millions of grass-root workers, who work hard but fail to transform their lives on their own. Yes, we all need some well-wishers and supporters to shine in our life. Let us hope that the opportunity lab becomes a support for all those who don’t have any support so far. The Opportunity Lab is an open movement – a call to everyone to join to support each other.

Ms. Annu Kanwar is leading the movement of the Opportunity Lab by training and supporting women to be change agents. Ms. Annu Kanawat has expertise in training and transforming farmers and she loves this work. She passionately teaches farmers the skills that can enhance their income. She has actually transformed the lives of many women. I asked her about her passion for transforming farmers. She replied: ”being from a farmer family, I have learnt that 'jameen to mata hai'."
She has long experience of working with farmers. She told me “I established a company engaged in mushroom production and organic medicinal plant farming, we are producing different products of mushroom related to a healthy lifestyle like mushroom protein powder, mushroom moringa Powder, and many more. Aamlda Organics is working in the rural areas with women farmers to make them healthy wealthy and the nature protector, as they are the real fighter”. Annu Kanawat has made a very nutritional health drink brand “Aamlda Organics” which is based on her own innovative formulation. Rural women are the backbone of rural families and the economy, to make them more healthy and give them a different path of innovative farming is not as easy but Ms. Annu is determined and ambitious and she firmly believes that she will be able to make these farmers wealthy through latest agriculture methods and tools. This will enable them to earn a lot, take nutritional food themselves and contribute to the development of their villages through better economic planning. Initiatives like the opportunity lab can succeed only when everyone joins - we all have to join – through our wishes and actions.
We all have to fight against poverty and opportunity lab is the right initiative. Next time you find a helpless lady willing to raise her income, refer her to Ms. Annu. Helping hands will enable the transformation of our society into a poverty-free society. Let us help each other. Let us build a healthy-wealthy society. Let us guide those who have never got guidance and support those who have never got support. Let us change the world around by a change in our own thoughts.

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