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Finding the Best Beer Garden in Washington D C

Beer Garden Washington D C Washington, D.C., is known for offering a wide variety of beer garden experiences. However, each venue is quite different, so it may take research and experimentation to decide which is right for you.

When seeking the best beer garden within the state capitol, remember that preferences are subjective, meaning that what criteria make one option the best for one person may not fit the same for another.

Your best bet is to perform a little research to narrow down the choices that sound most enjoyable for you and then try them out. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you find that coveted spot.

Narrow Down the Options

A great way to approach finding the best beer garden in D.C. is to do a little research to find popular venues. Explore the websites for the most promising, taking notes and devising a personal rating system next to each entry for categories such as beer selection and temperature, ambiance, service, menu, and cost.

Once you have explored all the options (or at least decided to call it a day for research), consider your objective rating for these locales and sort them from highest to lowest. While you are welcome to perform "field research" on all your options, you should at least narrow the list down to five as a starting point.

Be prepared. There are many beer gardens in Washington, D.C. It may take some time, but in the end, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

Keep in mind that beer gardens have become exceedingly popular in the D.C. area, and new ones open frequently. As a result, you should check in periodically because you may find new contenders for the premiere location.

Something to Get You Started

As enjoyable as exploring options on your own, it can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, here are a few places that make great starting places in your quest for the best:

Dacha Beer Garden

This grandiose locale not only came in at number five on the top ten beer gardens in the country, but it is also on almost every top beer garden in Washington, D.C. list. Dacha is LGBT, family, and pet friendly.

Located in the Shaw neighborhood of the Washington, D.C. navy yard, you can't miss it---the legendary icon, Elizabeth Taylor, is painted as a mural upon the forty-foot wall that lines the garden. Her likeness is that of a poster for her starring role in the 1950s movie Rapsody. She received this honor because of her philanthropy and hard work during the initial AIDS crisis.

In addition to an extensive selection of German, Belgian and American microbrews, Dacha serves ciders, meads, wines, and other liquid refreshments. Traditional Bavarian beer garden menus influence the food offerings.

Their motto is "Whatever it takes – at Dacha, your Gemütlichkeit is our biggest priority!"

Aslin Beer Co.

Eighth out of the top ten beer gardens in the United States, there are four Aslin Beer Co. locations in three states. The Washington, D.C., venue is at 1740 14th Street NW.

The Aslin Beer Co. has an intriguing story behind the name. The two owners are friends and brothers-in-law; they married sisters sharing the maiden name Aslin, which became the business name's inspiration.

Making the U.S.A.'s top ten list of beer gardens is an exceptional achievement for a business that has been open for only one year. They have 21 taps of their beer and an additional two for rotating featured guest craft beers.

Beer Garden Washington D C

Midlands Beer Garden

The Midlands Beer Garden caters to a more extensive clientele as a beer garden/ sports bar hybrid. Its unique design makes the inside look like you are outside, with high ceilings and three large open double doors to the beer garden. The 6,000 square feet of space has TVs throughout for viewing.

The bar offers 26 tap beers, draft cocktails, ciders, wine, and other spirits. In addition to the usual German finger foods, they also serve sandwiches, nachos to share, and even vegetarian options.

Biergarten Haus

Biergarten Haus is as close to a Bavarian bierhaus as you can find, with some Americana thrown in. It boasts a great German beer selection and finely prepared German dishes. But you can still get a burger or wings.

Located in the Capital Hill section of Washington, D.C., Biergarten Haus has seating for over 400 people who want to celebrate Oktoberfest any time of the year. Optional seating is available on a rooftop deck that overlooks the beer garden below.

Field Research

With your list of options in hand, the fun begins: field research! This is your opportunity to test out your hot options for yourself. The method you choose largely depends on whether you are more interested in quickly finding the top spot and settling in as a regular or if you find more enjoyment in the hunt.

Accordingly, you can either go in the order of your rating system from your research or pick a place at random. After all, your original analysis was objective, but once you have the chance to try it yourself, you are getting subjective experience, which is what you need to make the proper choice.

Visit each location and enjoy a draught. Engage in conversation with the waitress and other patrons, getting feedback for other potential beer garden hot spots. This interaction could not only lead to new locales for your list but also give you a good feel for which venues are most popular, especially if you hear the same names repeated.

The Bottom Line

Many factors contribute to an excellent experience in a beer garden. The weather, the server, the company, the view, the tastes, the sounds, and the smells must all come together. Finding the best beer garden in Washington, D.C., means finding the place that consistently gives the best of all those things. If you are looking for something similar to a beer garden a boardwalk bar and arcade have a similar atmosphere.

The truth of the matter is that any place you can sit outside on a warm day, smell the fresh air, enjoy nature, drink a cold beer, nibble Wienerschnitzel or a soft pretzel with mustard in the company of friends or engage with just met friends, maybe the best beer garden in Washington, D.C.

Remember that beer gardens were traditionally designed with communal tables so the community could interact. Therefore, the beer garden's community and atmosphere are still significant factors when considering which place wins the crown.

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