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World of Darkness

The world of darkness is much more colourful than the real world because it is encompassed with creative imagination rather than practical reality.
My world is dark around me,
Not a ray of sun is found,
I depend on other senses,
Like touch and smell and sound.

Please! Don't feel sorry for me,
That's not the thing to do,
Except that I am blind,
I'm just the same as you.
World of Darkness
I can hear the birds that sing,
As they flutter through the air,
I can touch the gentle petals,
Of the flowers growing there.

I cannot see the colors,
That make a rainbow grand,
But I hear the whisper of the wind,
And feel the grass growing on the ground.

I can tell you by your footsteps,
Feel your presence when you're near,
Identify you by your voice,
And I've been known to shed a tear.

Poor soul, how he must suffer,
I hear some people say,
But they close their eyes to justice,
So I'd rather be this way.

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Christine Hannon
A 70 year-old lady who lives in Woodstock On CA.

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