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Inspiring Ideas to Teach Algebra & Geometry

Teaching algebra and geometry can be a fun and exciting experience at the middle or high school level. One major challenge teachers face is to keep the students engaged in the subject. Here's how to tackle this. Read ON! 
Mathematics Learning

Mathematics itself is a tough subject that further makes teaching tough. Thus, it becomes important to add some creating teaching ideas so that you can keep your students engaged.
Adding creative elements will help your students in learning concepts that they might have overlooked. It’s time that you change your teaching approach by making it more interactive and artistic. Few tips and tricks that can help you in enhancing your course structure are:

Use videos

Videos make the classroom sessions lively. They not only keep the students engaged but also explain the concepts with examples. A lot of websites post informative videos explaining Algebra and Geometry concepts. Videos are also dominating the algebra 2 summer courses. Each video has a different teaching approach. You can pick the ones that suit your course material and students. Websites like YouTube, Flocabulary, shmoop, etc. have hosted a lot of math-related videos. You can also share the video links with students so that they can see it during their free time.

Mathematics Learning

Bring humor while teaching

The most important part of teaching is that the students should feel comfortable and relaxed in the session. Bringing a humor element before starting the actual subject creates a positive environment and reduces stress. The students get more focused and start concentrating on your teaching.
This friendly environment also encourages them to ask questions or doubts in the class. Keeping in line with the current trend, you can also use math-based memes and cartoons to lighten up the mood in the class.

Use classroom walls

Mathematics Learning Theme-based decorations are common in classrooms and make the session interactive. While teaching Algebra and Geometry concepts, you can ask the students to write them on the walls. This wall will act as a visual aid for students.
They can refer or revise the concepts whenever they would like to. Moreover, creating charts and decorating the classroom wall can be another fun and engaging activity for students. Having a themed wall will be a great learning aid for your students.

Classroom games

Games are the easiest way to engage students and introduce new concepts in a fun way. Since students love playing games, this activity can never go wrong. There are many board games that inspire mathematical thinking. Games like Monopoly, Qwirkle, Achi, Five Tribes, etc. Bring these games in the classroom and engage students to teach tough concepts. The students will be able to learn concepts easily.

Go digital

The digital domain has grown exponentially over a few years. A lot of interactive game apps are available both on IOS and Android stores. If your students have access to computers, iPads, Chromebooks, etc., you can ask them to install math-based apps for learning concepts. Apps like DragonBox, Ratio Rumble, can be used to practice maths. Some of the apps like Quizizz, give you the 
Mathematics Learning
flexibility to make a quiz for the class. Prodigy is another fun app where students can play math battles and win prizes. Use the digital domain to make your teaching more effective. Demio is yet another platform for conducting Webinars for the students.

Make it competitive

A competitive scoring format is a good way to help students review their understanding of formulae, concepts, and vocabulary. You can introduce badges to create competition in the class. As and when students complete certain concepts, you can give them badges. This imbibes a competitive spirit and students will get focused. These badges can also be used to track your student’s progress. Pre-printed stickers or printed cut-outs can be used to make badges.

Real-world examples

Mathematics Learning One of the best ways to explain tough concepts to students is to take them through real-world examples. A lot of practical problems can be found on the internet and you can even play out a scenario in the class. These activities are easy to implement and execute in the class. Explaining concepts becomes easy with the help of practical problems.

Trying these amazing ideas can help you in making your classroom sessions more interactive and fun. The students will learn faster and share positive feedback about your teaching abilities. Try these methods and share your feedback in the comments section below.

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