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What Is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is becoming a common problem in a lot of men around the world. 
Male hair loss

Male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is becoming a common problem in a lot of men around the world. Sadly, but badly hair loss issues are taking many men and women by storm. Many men tend to observe some hair reduction when they reach the age of 25 and it keeps increasing with age and time. The problem must be taken into consideration as soon as possible to avoid drastic conditions.

Our hair follicles play a major role in the healthy and unhealthy production of hair. Whenever the hair fall occurs that’s an indication that your hair follicles are not processing well. Basically the hair follicle is responsible for the good production of healthy and fuller hair. When it is producing few and poor quality of hair then that is the indication of male pattern hair loss because eventually, the follicle stop producing hair leading to baldness. A healthy hair life cycle lasts between 3 to 5 years before the new growth takes place.

The major culprit to disturb the healthy production of hair is the hormone called dihydrotestosterone which reduces the size of the follicle disabling it to produce new hair growth.

How to cure male pattern hair loss?

There are a number of drugs available in the market to help cure hair fall and promote hair growth. To name a few drugs that are excelling and giving promising results are

  • Finasteride
  • Minoxidil
  • Regaine
Let us take one medicine into consideration and see how it works for hair loss

Male hair loss


Finasteride was first developed by Merck corporation and was released under a brand name Propecia and Proscar. The medicine was developed to treat enlarged prostate initially but later it showed progressing results to cure hair loss.

You must be wondering how finasteride aids hair growth and stops hair fall. Basically, finasteride is also known as DHT-blocker which means it restricts the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone preventing the hair follicles from getting damaged. Once the conversion of enzymes into hormones is halted it stops the hair loss process.

But this medication requires committed consumption because the presence of finasteride in the body is a must to avoid the production of DHT hormone. Once you stop the medication the conversion of testosterone with DHT will continue leading to hair fall all over again.

Religious use of the medicine will not only stop hair fall but will also progress healthy hair growth in many patients. The results are not observed overnight; it will take a couple of months to register promising results. Try and get results with Numan finasteride

Side effects and precautions

Like any other medicine, finasteride has its own side effects. It is ideal to read the literature of the drug so that you are well aware of the prevailing condition if occurred. It is recommended to discontinue the medicine if results are not shown and side effects are adverse. The medicine must be kept away from the reach of children. Furthermore, finasteride is not to be consumed by expected and breastfeeding mothers since it plays with your hormonal activity.

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