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5 Habits That Can Improve Your Medical Practice's Performance

Medical Practice Performance

Depending on the specialty you have chosen, you probably spent around 10 to 15 years to gain an M.D. next to your last name. Being a medical doctor is amazing. You get to have a flexible schedule if you choose.
You are in the field that is both interesting and challenging. Each day will be quite an adventure.

It is not for everyone though, especially if you want a set schedule and holidays off. It truly is a vocation with a purpose. The field of medicine is a never-ending process of development.
The type of practice today may not be what patients will be looking for tomorrow. You will have to stay on top of medical advances and patient expectations.

Here are some habits that can improve your medical practice’s performance.

Efficient Schedule

Time is money, not only for you but also for your patients. Keeping a relaxed, reliable schedule will improve workflow and patient experience. No one wants to be stuck in a clinic or in a hospital for the whole day just for a checkup. Many times patients will have to miss work. Being on time will help them miss less work. It will also allow you to help more patients.

Your Work Flow

According to statistics, on average a primary care physician will tend to around 11 to 20 patients per day. Each patient will get 20 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes with a doctor. If you seeing too many patients then you are on your way to burnout. It feels nice to help as many people as you can, but if you do that you can get tired, so tired that the quality of medical care you give may decline.

Some doctors find that seeing patients every 20 minutes is exhausting. You need to determine the number of people you can meet while feeling energized and focused in a span of an hour. From there you can formulate the right flow of patients you can take care of.

Share Duties

If you find yourself doing a lot of paperwork, then there is something not quite right. Your time, energy and effort need to be focused on patient care not doing menial tasks that do not require a medical license. A good administrative assistance and a great nurse will go a long way to help the practice run smoothly.

Medical Practice Performance

Finding the right staff can be hard. Be sure to hire a recruiter or use an industry specific job board to help you. Some job boards can even narrow the field of specialty doctors, nurses, or even office managers for medical practices.

Have A System

Communication is very important in the medical care field. You need to implement a tracking system for everything that happens in your clinic or hospital. Communication between nurses, doctors, office managers, and outside vendors like a medical lab is very important.
Having one place that everyone can store information will make it easier for everyone in the practice to get what they need, whether it is insurance information, patient medical history, or lab results.

Many of these systems update in real time which saves time for all involved.


As the doctor, you are seen as the captain of your ship (your clinic). It is up to your instructions on how things should be processed. Ensure that your staff is doing their job efficiently. You can do this by figuring out what unnecessary steps are happening and stop those.
You need to be on top of all the things that are happening within your practice because, at the end of the day, your name and license are on the line. Having communication and procedures in place will make this much easier for you.

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