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Benefits of Business Going Green

Benefits of business going green

Climate Change and Global Warming. These two terms have been thrown around by scientists since the start of the 21st century. Because of the amount of evidence showing the planet’s deteriorating health, there is now a rising demand for everyone to go green.

Green living is not necessarily exclusive to the private lives of individuals. Businesses and corporations are actually the ones who have to make a significant change with their processes if we want to save the planet from irreparable damage. Climate change scientists recently released a study where they predict that by 2050, the planet’s weather, as we know it, would face drastic changes. This would result in extreme weather patterns leading to huge losses and casualties.

It is then necessary for individuals and corporations alike to think about the environmental impact of their actions. Usually, when there is talk about green businesses, the first question is its profitability and whether it can sustain such a business model.

There is also the matter of whether it is worth it or not. I found the answer to this in the business motto of Premier Brains, “Always Doing The Right Thing.” Gone are the days when we still have the leeway to turn a blind eye over the destruction of our planet. Today, there is a rally to do the right thing, both as an individual and as an organization.

Unbeknownst to many, there are benefits when your business goes green, so to speak. Here I have listed down some of the benefits that your business will get when it decides to go green.

Reduced Waste

The most important reason why the Go Green movement is considered a necessity in today’s age is to reduce the waste produced by the business industry. Even small businesses can make a huge difference. The benefit of being able to live comfortably on this planet far outweighs the cons if any.

In the context of a company, there are easy ways to reduce your waste. For example, printing on both sides of the paper, providing plates and cutlery in the pantry and promoting the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Government Support

Many governments are now providing support on businesses and corporations that are taking steps to make their business processes and operations more environmentally friendly. By reducing the carbon footprint of the company through various methods, your company becomes eligible for tax cuts and refunds. You can also apply for grants from Green Programs and tax credits.

Benefits of business going green

Office Efficiency

According to studies, the average office worker uses over 10 000 sheets of paper each year. 45% of these papers are trashed by the end of the day. By moving over to automation tools, your business processes are sure to be more efficient and faster. One undervalued benefit of automation is the “Green” feature of it. Automated tools like accounting software, project management tool, or vendor management software will eliminate the need for paper.

Another way of going green is by providing transportation to your employees. Instead of each of them driving their car to work, which dramatically multiplies their carbon footprint, you can organize a carpool. This move will also ensure that all of your employees come in on time every day.

Boost Office Morale

When your employees feel that the company is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a high chance that they do the same too. This boosts their mood as it gives them a sense of fulfillment and pride. By involving the staff in your Green efforts, they will feel that they are a vital part of the organization instead of an expendable cog in the machine.

Benefits of business going green

Green Marketing Taking care of the environment, even in the smallest of ways immediately earns you brownie points in the eyes of your customers. Because of the rising demand for eco-friendly living, it cannot be helped that companies using green technology, selling green products, or just promoting the same advocacy experience a boost in sales. Going green has become a trend and a status symbol. If you want your brand to get free marketing, then you already know what to do. You improve your branding and even your audience reach. People are bound to talk about your efforts. This could entice other people to transition into loyal customers. Companies that have “gone green” report a positive effect from their clientele.

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