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10 Office Snack Ideas: Does Your Office Make Your Employees Want to Hang Out During Lunchtime?

It is always nice to take a quick break away from your workspace and enjoy something to eat and drink, but if what is available to you in your work environment is distinctly inspiring, it is not conducive to wanting to hang around when it’s your break time. Here's a DEAL. Read ON!
Office Snacks Ideas

If you want to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee, for example, you might decide to schedule a delivery from your local supplier rather than rely on an in-house brew that is hardy memorable because it hasn’t had much thought spent in taste.

A good way to keep your employees happy is to give them a perk that will put a smile on their faces and improve productivity too. Here are some office snack ideas that should hit the spot every time.

You can’t go wrong with fruit

Fruit ticks a lot of boxes as a great office snack, mainly because it promotes healthy eating and tastes good, as well as being reasonably inexpensive to supply.

A good selection of fruit including apples, bananas, and oranges will cater to every employee’s taste preferences and they will value the provision of a healthy snack in the canteen area.

Healthy fats on offer

If you are providing snacks and beverages for employees you will want to act responsibly and provide food that delivers a hit of healthy fats while tasting good at the same time.

Nuts are a great snack to provide as each bite provides some fiber and protein alongside those healthy fats. Additionally superfoods are an item that you can't ignore. There are several quality options available to decide from.

Keeping energy levels high

If employees are feeling alert and focused it can only be good news for productivity and morale which is why energy bars can be a good choice.

If you are picking out an energy bar look for bars that have minimal ingredients and haven’t been subjected to excessive processing. Go through a list of natural energy boosting foods for your brilliance in work performance and enhanced energy levels at work.

Office Snacks Ideas

Can you serve chips?

Employees will often scrutinize your canteen offerings and if they don’t think there is enough there to tempt them they won’t hang around in the space.

One thing is for sure if you offer chips it will probably entice more people to stay around and use the dining area provided.

Plenty of chip offerings have had a bit of a makeover and that means you can find a healthy snack or two.

Give them a bit of vitamin D in a snack

You do have to exercise a bit of added caution if you are providing some cheese for employees to enjoy.

Pick your cheeses with care and read the label so that you know which one is going to deliver a vitamin D top-up.

If there is a fridge

Fitting a fridge in the canteen or recreation area opens up a world of possibilities and it’s a move that will be appreciated by employees.

Providing some carefully selected yogurts in that fridge will promote good digestive health.

Pick your trail mix with care

It can be easy to be fooled into thinking that most trail mixes are much the same but these great snacks can come loaded with sugar if you are not careful.

Try to avoid versions that feature chocolate or cand pieces if you are going to provide some trail mix.

Dried fruit works well

Most people enjoy a snack that delivers a sweet treat to a certain extent, but a good compromise when you are trying to promote healthy choices is to stock some dried fruit.

A lot of fruits are naturally sweet and there is no need for added sugar if you enjoy a handful of mango or a banana in the form of dried fruit that is also high in fiber and is known to improve energy levels.

Get them talking with some chickpeas

If you have never tried roasted chickpeas or don’t think that employees will be interested in such a snack you should persevere as the taste will soon trigger a conversation and there’s a good chance they will be converted.

Make your own snack bars

It’s nice to know what is in a snack bar and the best way to ensure you control the ingredients would be to make your own and bring them in.

A homemade bar will offer some much-needed carbs and it providing this tasty treat will often be gratefully received by employees.Get some healthy, unusual, and tasty snacks and this should encourage more employees to spend their lunchtime on the premises.

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