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The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs Investing in Buy to Let Property

Female Entrepreneurs Investing in Buy to Let Property Until more recently, the word business has been associated with men more so than women. In the past few years, however, females have become interested in obtaining financial independence and working towards career goals that may not have been open to them before. A study by UK bank HSBC, stated that more than half of business owners under 35 were female demonstrating that this gender is keen to make their mark on the business world.

When it comes to the world of business there are many sectors to delve into, and one trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is the rise of female entrepreneurs investing in the property market, specifically buy to let investments.

We are going to explore some of the reasons why women are choosing this particular business venture when it comes to fulfilling their career goals as entrepreneurs.

In 2018, UK property experts RWinvest revealed that there was a 140% rise in the number of women looking for investment properties, which may not come as a surprise to some, for the buy to let investment market is hugely profitable and can generate a consistent income.

As more women strive to become financially independent, they recognize that property investment can provide ample opportunities to make a lot of money via rental returns and capital growth. As buy to let investments can give two forms of income, it is seen to be more appealing to future investors, and why more women should take advantage of this business opportunity.

Female Entrepreneurs Investing in Buy to Let Property The buy to let investment market is thriving, particularly in vibrant cities like Liverpool and Manchester. In the UK, the north-west of England has seen some of the highest rental yields reaching up to 10%, thanks to regeneration projects and property developments throughout the cities. More and more young professionals and students are looking for modern rental apartments up north as rental prices are cheaper compared to those in London, and northern cities have become a hub for people working in the creative and digital industries, giving investors in this area some great returns.

Furthermore, due to the current global pandemic and the rise in unemployment, there has been a surge in people looking to rent a property as opposed to becoming homeowners. Savvy investors are taking advantage of the demand for rental properties to capitalize on their investments.

Some female entrepreneurs use buy to let property investments as a way to top up their income, whilst others end up making it a full-time business. It’s no wonder women have been forced to look for additional incomes as the gender pay gap is still an issue in the workplace, leading them to look elsewhere in order to reach their financial goals. Whether you’re a female entrepreneur or a working woman striving to start your own business, or boost your income, buy to let investment is something to consider.

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