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Football Season Is Upon Us: Fun Ideas for the Family

Football Season Is Upon Us Football season comes upon America as fall gives way to winter and the weather turns cold. There's nothing like bonding around your favorite team to remind you that family and friends are the important things in life, and there are loads of fun things that you and the crew can do during football season to amp up the fun factor.

New Football Shaped Pizza

Whether you're tailgating into the late afternoon before the late game or watching Sunday Night Football at home, eating good, hot food is one of the best ways to boost the enjoyment factor of your football experience. There's nothing like a football shaped pizza to set the mood.

If you want to see kids smile, bring the box over to them that has the football pizza and let them flip the lid open, revealing one of their favorite things shaped like another. One fun thing that folks like to do to add a little panache to their spread is to complement this fabulous pizza with foods whose color matches your favorite teams. Patriots fan might be serving their pizza with blue corn tortilla chips with nice red salsa and milk, which contains trace elements of silver. Jets fans might serve olives.

Tailgating With Neighbors

Tailgating is an American tradition like no other. Folks don't need to find much of an excuse to get a party going and the football season guarantees more than a dozen parties, each with the added built-in thrill of live competition.

Football Season Is Upon Us When you get to tailgating, make sure you take care of the basic necessities. These include building up and having extra layers in case the weather turns cold and having plenty of comfy chairs to sit in, and even having a generator for tailgating on hand in case of any unexpected emergencies. Games like cornhole and Can Jam mean that you can engage in your own competitions before the gridiron warriors engage in theirs.

One thing that you don't have to worry too much about when you're tailgating is the menu. Simply reach out to establishments that can do that for you. Family meal deals are a surefire way to make sure that everybody in the crew gets the tasty nourishment they need for those long game days.

Touchdown Dances
Whether you're tailgating in the vast parking lot of your team's stadium or are at home, you can always put in play the classic touchdown dance routine competition. In this goofy game, individuals or teams put together their best touchdown dances, each of which ends in a ball spike of some kind.
Families who play the touchdown dance game realize the pleasure of easy laughter. Feasting while watching your favorite team is a way to celebrate their dominance, mourn their losing ways or take the edge off of a nail-biter.

It's a good thing for you that Papa Johns Catering has got you covered, whether you're hosting a small gathering or a big one. Whether it's Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday or Monday night, college football or the NFL, reach out to your nearest pizza parlor to get the hot, delicious food that is the perfect companion to any football experience.

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