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Conversational Landing Pages by TARS to improve your PPC

TARS A Landing page is a webpage created as a standalone page as an addition to the website but specific to a campaign. Unlike a website, it is a single webpage with specific details and a call-to-action. It often contains an offer or a campaign including contests & giveaways that could excite the visitor like discounts, offers, free products, free e-books, and free access to a webinar or any other type of marketing campaign. The major goal of a landing page is lead generation for the business by converting a visitor into sharing their contact information. The customer data is either collected through web forms or other similar methods.

Here are some Landing Page Conversion Rates statistics for marketers:

- Having 10-15 landing pages can increase your leads by 55% [Source: Hubspot]

- 58% of companies use clickable graphics on their landing page [Source: Marketing Experiments]

- Using CRO (Conversion Rates Optimization) Tools can offer up to 223% ROI on average [Source: VentureBeat]

- Conversational landing pages are on the rise. [Source: Smart Insights]

- You only have 8 seconds to impress the visitor. [Source: Interactive Marketing Inc.]

- The average conversion rate of a landing page is 2.35% [Source: WordStream]

What is a conversational landing page?

With the growing popularity of landing pages as a mode of lead generation, the number of web forms a customer had to fill increased steeply resulting in frustration and irritation among them. A static landing page with web forms started converting a low number of visitors and high bounce rates as a result.

The visitors weren’t enjoying the experience of filling up the web forms and there was a need for innovation. That’s when the concept of the Conversational landing page was brought in place. It is a concept of either replacing a complete page with a chatbot or build a hybrid landing page with standard text and a chatbot.

TARS A visitor, instead of having to fill up the web forms, is engaged by a chatbot-driven interaction and their details are collected through fun & human-like conversation.

That said, the conversational landing pages come with many advantages. Let us discuss them below:

Better Customer Loyalty & retention:

A conversational landing page helps you bring a differentiation to your brand from your competitors. With issues being addressed and the enquiries answered instantly, it creates a greater customer experience. According to statistics, 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. The customers thereby would like to come back to your brand repeatedly.

Increase customer engagement: Better personalization

In the case of a conversational landing page, the details shared can be personalized according to the needs of the visitor. The growth of AI has enabled this. A customer would love to get engaged through a chatbot’s human-like conversation instead of the web forms. Brands unleash their creativity in making the conversation as fun and engaging as possible that would help retain the visitors. Be it the chatbot ‘Milo’ by a marketing & web design agency called ‘An Artful Science’ or ‘Max’, the chatbot by Avero, a restaurant management software, there are some great examples of conversational landing pages.


TARS With the mobile usage being at an all-time high, mobile-optimized pages are imperative for better conversions. According to data by Statista, more than 52% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. The conversational landing pages are generally made responsive and optimized for the usage on mobiles but still, only 50% of the landing pages are optimized for mobile devices. You might not want to miss out on this large pie in your marketing effort or lose them because the pages are not mobile-optimized.

Qualification of leads:

Assessing if the leads generated are aligning with the current focus of the organization’s target market is an important step. The chatbot-based interaction enables you to add a few questions to the customer to ascertain the qualification of the lead those not aligning can be filtered out at the first stage of the funnel instead of at the later stages. It provides the company with a better-streamlined process for the conversion of the leads.

Improves conversion:

While the landing page conversion rate is 4% on average, Data shows that the marketing done through the conversational method sees a higher conversion rate. If you are a keen marketer, there are fewer reasons that you might not want to have a higher conversion rate for your Email marketing & PPC campaigns.

TARS Industries in which it would be applicable:

While the landing pages and online lead generation form a part of many sectors, let us discuss some of the sectors in which the usage of conversational landing pages would help reduce a lot of manual efforts and optimize the conversion rate of the marketing campaigns:


The insurance sector plays a vital role in a person’s life today. There are various types of insurances ranging from Life, health to safeguarding assets like a car, a house, etc. Hence, it is an industry that would not only have repeated queries from the customers concerning the quotes; but the application process too is time-consuming and tedious. With conversational landing pages, a lot of this could be solved. The human-intervention for the repeated queries will be eliminated and the details required for the application process could be collected through chatbot interactions.


From solving the repeated queries from the patients to booking appointments, these processes can be automated through a conversational landing page. You could integrate your appointment scheduling software with the landing page to ease the process of booking the appointments.


TARS Enquiries for the quotes related to mortgage or other finances are a recurring phenomenon in the finance sector. Thus can be automated using the landing pages with chatbots.


Conversational landing pages are a boon to the E-commerce stores and dropshipping stores to get better conversions for their campaigns.


Alike healthcare, law firms too are not spared concerning repeated queries and appointments booking process.


Education institutions have their admissions recurring annually and thus the number of repeated enquiries relating to the details of the institution like the courses offered and fee structure. A lot of efforts could be saved by automating the process of enquiry and application.

Real Estate:

The real estate sector is among the high lead generation sector. The conversion of the leads thus could be improved through a conversational landing page.

How to create a conversational landing page?


Certainly, there are many platforms available to create conversational landing pages but one platform that is widely spoken about is TARS. TARS already has over 18500 bot creators who have signed up with them, creating 28000+ Chatbots and a record of whooping 45mn+ conversations through those chatbots. Conversational Landing Pages By TARS Improves your PPC Conversion Rate by 50%-200%.

If you belong to any of the industries mentioned above or feel the need for a conversational landing page with a chatbot, the TARS platform is for you. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to be able to create a chatbot, all you will have to do is use one of their existing templates for use-case in your industry, and input the type of conversations it needs to have & your desired responses for the frequently asked questions asked by the visitors.

Their store of templates includes the below mentioned industries:

1. Finance and Banking chatbot templates

2. Insurance chatbot templates

3. Healthcare chatbot templates

4. Education chatbot templates

5. Real Estate chatbot templates

6. Legal services chatbot templates

7. Travel chatbot templates

8. HR & Recruitment chatbot templates

9. Events chatbot templates

10. Hospitality chatbot templates

11. Agency chatbot templates

12. Automotive chatbot templates

13. Media and Publication chatbot templates

14. B2B services chatbot templates

15. Government chatbot templates

16. E-Commerce chatbot templates

They also have chatbot templates categorized by Use-case:

1. Lead generation chatbot templates

2. Customer support chatbot templates

3. Education & Training chatbot templates

4. Order & Transaction chatbot templates

5. Product Explainer chatbot templates

6. Event Management chatbot templates

7. Feedback & Survey chatbot templates

8. User engagement chatbot templates

9. Learning and Development chatbot templates

These templates can be used to create chatbot-based landing pages for your marketing campaigns and get better conversions.

We hope that you find this helpful. If there are any queries, you could post it in the comments below or visit the website of TARS. Meanwhile, if you have been using a conversational landing page already, we would love to know your experience in the comments below.

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