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3 Tips to Find a Freelance Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator Finding the right freelancer seems to be challenging because you have to search for the perfect one from the pool of thousands of freelancers in the market. According to the statistics, there are more than 57 million freelancers in the USA alone. It is estimated that the number of freelancers globally is 1.1bn. The freelancing market is growing every year, and illustrators are no exception in this field. You will have to be clear with your project information and payment terms to find the right freelance illustrator for your work.

Besides, there are countless platforms and social media handles that introduce you to some creative minds on the earth. But finding the right one for your needs will require you to be careful in your search. So how does one have to go about hiring a freelance illustrator? Don’t fret, as, in this article, we have mentioned three tips that will help you find a freelance illustrator for your project.

1. Be accurate in your search:

Freelance Illustrator Before you start looking for a freelance illustrator, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. If it is a small project where you just need some designs on the site, or maybe a logo design, or "criação de logos" (as they say in Portugal), you might want to go for a graphic designer. Contrarily, if you want to get the entire website rebuilt with a new look, you may look for a front-end developer. To avoid confusion and find the right point, you can look at the below-mentioned job roles and check who you are looking for.

  • Illustrator: This person works on either digital platforms or with traditional tools to create visual images that showcase any brand story, product design, logos, illustrations, and narratives in a creative format.
  • Animation Artist: This person creates animations for your business needs, which further helps spread information in a user-friendly and interesting way to the customers.
  • Art Director: The Art Director checks whether the visual images have the perfect font type, color, and size.
As we have covered the different types of job roles and their work, let’s move to the other tips for finding the perfect freelance illustrator for your business needs. Remember that to get the right applicant, you must be clear about your project.

2. Explore the freelancing platforms:

Freelance Illustrator Once you are clear with your requirements and job role, you should put out the job ad on all the relevant freelancing platforms. Do not settle for two or three popular sites while searching for freelancers. Instead, search for more sites and spread the word as much as possible. Try to search for websites, forums, job boards, and social media platforms. For instance, many people explore freelance illustrator jobs at Dormzi, so it would be the best place to find the right illustrator for your project.

The only problem with all freelancers is that they aren’t 100% reliable. Sometimes, there could be a family emergency or any personal reason which might leave you dry on design. But to be precise, the freelancers always try their best to deliver you the desired results. Even if you don’t get the work from one person due to any genuine reason, you could assign it to someone else from the same platform without losing your investment. This means you will have 100% satisfaction and get the work done for what you have paid to the freelancer.

3. Pick the right freelance illustrator with relevant qualities:

Freelance Illustrator You don’t have to think much about hiring freelancers. It is evident that the process can be time-consuming and cost a lot to submit the job posting. It also includes the risk when the hiring process doesn't work as expected. All these factors come with losing a major chunk of money. But you can avoid this issue by paying close attention to several qualities or factors of the freelance illustrators.
  • Portfolio: One of the effective ways to find a freelance illustrator is to check their portfolio. Most designers will make extraordinary claims about their skills and work, but there is only one way to verify that they are genuine and hold potential skills. If you look at their designer portfolio, you will easily understand what they are capable of and whether they would be a perfect choice for your project.
  • Presentation: When it comes to hiring a freelancer, what matters the most is how they present themselves on the internet. If you don’t see the dedication and attention to creativity in their freelance profile, it means they don’t possess the relevant skills to offer you the best illustrations.
  • Reputation: Whenever you think of hiring any services or buying a product, the first thing you would look for is the service provider's reputation. Similarly, when hiring the freelance illustrator, you need to look at their reputation, such as the positive reviews and sample templates. At times, people may lie, but their previous clients won’t lie.
Conclusion: You should look closely at the minute details when it comes to hiring any freelancer for the project. And we hope that now you are clear with the tips that help you find the perfect illustrator for your needs.

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