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4 Different Types of Bets to Use when Betting in Golf

Golf Betting Betting on golf can make your viewing experience even more entertaining

As is with any sport, there are many different ways to place any one individual bet on the talented team or player that you’re rooting for. Some of these can be sport-specific, as is the case with golf.

While some less experienced bettors may assume that most bets look the same, there are actually several different types to be chosen from: here are some popular ones.

Tournament winner betting

Tournament winner betting, as its name implies, is done when a person places a bet on the winner of a match that’s yet to be played. It’s quite simple. For example, if you’re normally an enthusiast of US Open Betting odds, know your players inside-out, and have your favorite already picked to win the greatest game in golf, you can place your bet directly on that player. If your bet ends up succeeding, you’ve won, if not, you’ve lost.

Tournament winner betting is a great way to confidently support a player you believe in and is very popular in many other sports besides golf. It’s also popular to spread these bets, placing more than just one, so that your odds become even higher.

Top nationality betting

A nationality bet is a bet made on a specific player from a particular region, whether that person is from a top Asian, Australian, or U.S. team.

Selecting this type of betting is a great choice when two or three players from a country are playing each other rather than multiple players at a time.

Hole-in-One betting

Golf Betting The name speaks loudly for itself on this one and is quite golf-specific. A bet of this type can come with a great reward attached to it as the odds of making a hole-in-one are in the lower range of success.

This type of bet falls under the category of “prop bets” which are bets that can be made on any one outcome in a golf game or tournament. These are fun and diverse bets to make as they can be applied to lots of moments in the game.

Winning a hole-in-one bet elicits an excitement like no other

Live/in-play betting Also a self-explanatory option, live betting is the act of placing a bet on a golf event as it is occurring live. This type of bet is also applicable to many other sports. Specifically, to golf though, the bettor must place his bet after the golfer finishes the 12th hole. These bets can be exhilarating, debunking the myth that golf is a boring sport, as the bettor needs to track the player’s progress throughout the game thereby giving him or her the means to make an educated guess on the outcome.

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