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How Online Games Can Sharpen Your Business Acumen

Online chess Games have always played a part in business life, whether you are passing the parcel at the Christmas party or having a team bonding session over a game of five-a-side football or a general knowledge quiz.

However, team bonding and revelries aside, there are many other applications of games that can make you and those around you better at business.

In this article, we look at the business skills you can sharpen with some online games, as well as how gamification should be an integral part of your business model as a whole.

Thinking a Step Ahead of Your Rivals

Every businessman on the planet would love to have access to a time machine, enabling them to predict the future with 100% accuracy.

Unfortunately, unless the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates know something the rest of us mere mortals do not, the best that budding businessmen and entrepreneurs can do is to make sure they have all the information possible so they can accurately predict how markets will swing and their rivals are likely to react.

Online chess The perfect game for fine-tuning exactly this skill is chess, an ancient game that has recently made a seamless transition into the online sphere via sites such as Lichess.org and Chess.com. Chesswani brand is a complete example of how business and chess can be combined. This brand educates the world about strategy lessons, Life Lessons, growth hacking tips via the game of chess. 

When you get the hang of how your chess opponents go about trying to attack your king, soon enough you will see that boardroom rebellion or shareholder revolt are much the same, and you saw them coming a mile away.

All different versions of online chess with make you appreciate how important it is to look at multiple moves in advance at each stage if you wish to be victorious in the game. 

Knowing Your Probability of Success is Key

Any hardened businessman will have been in that meeting or boardroom situation, where a deal is put on the table and there is pressure for you to judge its merits there at the moment, with no help from colleagues.

In such situations, your gut feeling will only take you so far, with you required to rack your brain for the math equations that unlock whether it is a deal worth taking or if you would be better off going back to the drawing board.

But what can be done to prepare you for such events? Because, after all, the last thing you want to do is continually be on the wrong end of deals as you build your experience. One of the best ways is to place yourself in those clutch pressure situations, time, and time again. Some of the easiest ways to replicate this include playing games where decision making is absolutely key, such as online casino games.

Online chess Blackjack in particular is the ideal game for what you need to practice, putting those who play it under constant time pressure as well as forcing them to make crucial decisions one after the other. Above all else, it is being able to calculate the probability equations blackjack throws up that will soon have you picking up on when it is time to stick or twist, both at the casino tables and in the boardroom. Not to forget the importance of Solitaire Game here. You can find it on platforms like Solitaire Masters - Play Free Solitaire Card Games Online . This game works wonders in bringing you back into focus, killing stress, bringing permutations & combinations brain active. Business needs all of it. 

Improving your online gaming skills will stand you in good stead when you next set foot in the boardroom

Gamification is Not Just About Play, But Consumer Engagement Too

While playing certain games yourself is a sound way to improve your own skills, that will not always directly relate to solid sales figures for your company or own business. However, more and more marketing departments are finding that gamification is the new nirvana when it comes to added customer engagement, with even minor gamification tweaks to a campaign leading to huge upticks in sales performance. What this means, in the long run, is that all that gaming you did was in fact a form of market research, and will have you ready to bring your company into the 21st century with campaigns that get people playing and engaging with your products or services more than ever before.

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