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Top Educational Tools for High School Students

Educational Tools for High School Students High school students include education for a variety of educational fields, including technology, health care, the environment, IT, and more.

During class, high school students work hard to enhance their learning and skills. Moreover, high school students usually have less time to complete their projects.

These students need to be efficient in their work, as they need to find a solution to the local and global impact.

To make these tasks efficiently, they usually need time, which is very less for them. Usually, the calculation and solution of complex equations take this time.

However, there are various online educational tools available to high school students to make their solution simple, accurate, and timely. In this article, all of these tools are explained, which are beneficial for students in different classes.

1. ClassDojo
Educational Tools for High School Students

High school students usually need to track their performance to do well in the final exam. ClassDojo is an online tool that is very beneficial for an entire classroom including teachers and students.

This is an instant feedback tool that allows teachers to give their students feedback on their performance. For example, teachers can assign a reward increase like "+ 2" to each student, along with a comment like "Well done!"

One of the most amazing features of this online tool is the real-time notification of students and other members. Teachers can collect the performance report and save it for later use.

2. Storybird

Educational Tools for High School Students

The storyboard is another tool for high school students, which is normally used for reading and learning skills and allows teachers to create creative and artistic books.

The tool website uses a friendly user interface for both students and teachers. Teachers can create the books themselves.

Once the teachers have created the books, they can be shared through embedding, e-mail, and other ways on the blog.

The storybird is not only for creating the books, but it is also a management tool for a classroom.

The teacher can manage the projects on this platform, while the students can respond with the same tool. Once the project is completed, the teacher can give the students the grade.

The storybird is amazing to organize your classroom with scoring and saving the performance report of multiple students.

3. Standard notation calculator

Educational Tools for High School Students
Online calculators are one of the most popular tools that can be used in a variety of areas. High school students usually experience difficulties solving a complex equation while it takes time for them to solve, sometimes.

To solve this problem, the student can use the free online calculators without the need to register or subscribe to any of the calculators such as the MeraCalculator offers their calculator for free.

It has calculators for chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, graphics, finance, economics, health, engineering, sports, and many more.

High school students take a lot of time to solve the complex equation, while accuracy is not yet guaranteed, but thanks to technology, because online calculators only take seconds to solve it.

For example, the standard form converter of MeraCalculator can be easily used to convert the simple number into different notations.

4. Google Classroom

Educational Tools for High School Students

In a distance or virtual teaching, the biggest problem for the class is the management between teachers and students.

Teachers usually face the difficulty of assigning and receiving the assignments, while students face the difficulty of submitting the assignment and obtaining the result for it.

Google Classroom is a helpful tool for this problem. It is an educational tool for students and teachers that enables communication and exchange.

Teachers can simply create a classroom and assign students the task they want them to do. They can also assign the task to individual students.

Teachers can set the time limit for the paper, and if the paper is submitted after the time limit, it would be highlighted automatically.

As soon as the assignment is advertised, the students fill it out and append it. Students and teachers can easily communicate via the tool.

Later, the teacher can also mark the score for each task and access it to create an overall report for each student.

5. Pear Deck

Educational Tools for High School Students
Students looking for interactive components have the option of using the Pear Deck, an online tool that allows presentations to be hosted in the form of slides.

The tool is famous for evaluating the slides you create. You can easily draw the objects on the slides through this tool, while you can also add your notes or comments, add or remove icons or have MCQs.

The advantage of using this tool is that it can include the Google slides. Students can use the tool to import their presentations via Google slides and use this tool to give presentations.

In the latest update to this amazing tool, Pear Deck has updated its collaboration with Newsela to bring creativity to your slides.

If you do not have the content for your slides, you can use this tool to get some interactive topics.

These themes can be used to create the content and in this way, the writing becomes more interactive and conforms to the standard.

6. Coursera

Educational Tools for High School Students

One of the other helpful online tools for students is Coursera, an online course website. High school students can take advantage of this learning beyond their course at famous universities such as Harvard University.

In addition to the online courses, it also offers the degree and certificate physically, but it depends on the course you choose.

This course is helpful for students who want to learn additional skills or study that is not common at local universities.

For example, if a student wants to learn film education but the local universities do not offer it, Coursera offers film education from different universities. Some of the courses are free on this platform, but the certificate is not issued, you can have a digital certificate for free. But remember, some of the top universities offer paid courses, but with the certificate at home. If you are enthusiastic about Web-designing, a course on the basics of HTML & CSS can help you get going with it.

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