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Unveiling Hidden Identities With Email Lookups

Unveiling Hidden Identities With Email Lookups All around the world we all use emails on a daily basis and not only for conversation purposes but for almost every aspect of our digital world. We use it for our work and private conversations, to sign up for social media platforms, when buying something online, playing games, banking, exercising, and much more. Almost everything we want to use or access online will ask us to enter our email address in order to use those services. This is a clear sign of how widespread the reach of email addresses is and how much impact it has on other places apart from just the mailbox.

This can be extremely useful for verifying somebody's identity. How often do you receive emails that could be legit, but at the same time could be spam? Emails you are not sure if you can trust or not? Or how often have you wondered about the identity or background of your buyer or even of a future employee? Getting information about the email owner can help you get answers to these questions and much more. Regardless of whether you are looking to access details about the email owner based on the email, or looking for someone's email based on the information you have, email lookup tools can help you with that.

What are email lookup tools?

There are two types of email lookup tools that are essential for any business that wants to stay protected and minimize the risk of cybercrime. The email lookup tool you use when you have some information about the user like their name or phone number, but you need to find their email. This can be extremely useful when trying to reach some leads whose names you have but you are missing the contact details. Reverse email lookup tool, as you can guess from its name, works the opposite way. It helps you collect additional information about the email owner by using the email. It has access to numerous third party databases and search engines which allows it to gather their personal information like name, location, phone number, social media accounts, work history, and much more.

Unveiling Hidden Identities With Email Lookups Email lookup tools are indispensable for every business as it allows them to gather all necessary information about the users with just a couple of clicks and in a matter of few seconds. Can you imagine how long it would take for you to confirm the identity of every user personally? Going through one by one email, entering in different search engines and social media sites, collecting all information, and then having to go through everything to organize it? This might be possible if you have to check one email address every once in a while, but it is not a good strategy for any company that wants to compete in the business world. Their priority needs to be to know cyber security vulnerabilities and how to defend against them. Implementing email lookup tools into the cybersecurity protocol can make this easier for you.

What can email lookup tools do for you?

Risk Analysis - In this time and age, information is everything. By gathering as much data as they can about their users, businesses can make smarter business decisions and mitigate the risks they are facing. It can make all the differences when it comes to the areas of cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

Verify identity behind the email - Emails acquired from the dark web are spamming different individuals leading unsuspected victims to engineering attacks. By unveiling hidden identities behind the email you will be able to discover if the sender has malicious intent or is it indeed a legitimate email. This is extremely useful in eCommerce as it helps you to clear any doubts about your buyers and confirm if they are scammers or true customers.

Background Check - Regardless if you are hiring a new employee, looking for a new client, or making a business deal, you need to know as much as you can about them before you give them access to any of your confidential data.

Social Media Check - Email lookup tools also allow you to check their social media accounts which can confirm the credibility of the provided information and confirm their identity.

Email Blacklist - By using email lookup tools you can confirm if the email address was already registered on spam blacklists and block it or request additional verification methods. As you can see, email lookup tools can have many uses in almost every aspect of your business.

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