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Excessive spends on building grandeur before sustainability ain’t right for Entrepreneurs.

One of the grave errors that Entrepreneurs might make at the onset of their journey is to lose most of their fund in making everything about their office, lifestyle and other things look big business like without investing on the real assets for the long term sustainability of the business - the people, the ideas, the product development, the delivery of services, the marketing and the overall momentum of the business. Read on!
Don't have to build grandeur before building susta As an Entrepreneur it’s important to let people know your grandeur and capacities that doesn’t mean you go to an extent of burning your business development fund completely to build the outlook of your office spaces, accessories, dresses, furniture, gadgets, vehicles, drive home cabs, costliest conference halls, five star hospitality for clients, larger than life hiring of brand ambassadors or other things that don’t go hand in hand with your budgets, finances and compensation plans. As the StartUps chase is growing more and more people are starting up, but somewhere the seeds getting sown are of the dreams of getting funded, getting funded with more and more rounds of funding, building office spaces that are more like malls, fun facilities and ‘I feel at amusement park’ kind of set ups and of being able to showcase your grandeur in how your overall office and lifestyle outlooks are, rather than sowing seeds of dreams of profits, profitability, innovation, inspiring ideation, leadership, business leadership and spirit of sustainable enterprise development.
Don't have to build grandeur before building susta The HEROs being recognised today are being recognised for building larger teams even if it’s without profitability, raising bigger rounds of funding, building offices that are like recreation homes & stunning museum like creations(which isn’t bad, it does help get most out of the workspaces, but when overly recognised it moves the world of dreams into a whole new direction for budding entrepreneurs and startups), for owning costly cars, homes and having a wealthy lifestyle than recognition of solution driven teams, people who made profits, people who built businesses that raised funds from reaching more customers than just talking to more investors, people who are making lives better than people who are building things just to engage people even if it meant killing their time for nothing.(you know what I mean, right?).Don't have to build grandeur before building susta Everything doesn’t have to be ideal, nothing will ever get perfect, but there’s always that sense of direction you can learn about which gives you insight into where the world is headed. “See what the dreams of people are and you will know what you have appreciated, recognised and applauded for in the past!” is one of my favourite quotes from my next book due for release in 2018 and it truly stands tall amidst all other chaos about how can you understand this complex world. It’s just that simple.

So, as an Entrepreneur or StartUP Founder it’s important for you to understand, that your business might not always take turns to profitability immediately, won’t always win customers in time at times, won’t have a satisfied market, won’t have the highest performing teams, won’t do numbers that can provide you sufficient to invest for next year, or won’t look anywhere close to even moving another year forward (don’t worry it’s a part of the cycle of building companies that stand for decades and long standing visions with profitability and sustainable balance sheets), so, ensure you do not throw away all your valuable funds at the onset of your company into building the aesthetics of board rooms, decor of your waiting area, choice of cutlery in your dining area or probably the selection of curtains for all your window panes. Save it up for a time when you will know it’s time to reward yourself with all of that and reward your team with all of the comfort they deserve for building a business that’s profitable and sustainable.
Don't have to build grandeur before building sustaLive life like there’s no tomorrow, but build business for day for tomorrow!” is another personal favourite on my list from the book releasing next year, for all budding business leaders globally.
Take a pen, a paper, put down your financial plans, budgets, spends and returns and you will know your business priorities better than you ever did.

I would love to hear you out here from your experiences and stories of what you think is right and how we could build an eco-system of entrepreneurial world that doesn’t consume itself eventually instead empowers everyone as time unfolds.
Tweet to me at @sujitlalwani or connect with me on my LinkedIn Account. If you have a story of building a sustainable business with pride, reach us and we would love to learn your experience and put it together for our readers.

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