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Top 6 Green Ways To Look More Beautiful. #greenspiration

Appearances matter in today’s world. How you look determines how other people will perceive you and that’s why people go the extra mile to look their best. But it's important that we do everything it takes to do it the green way. Here's a dose of inspiration for you to consider going green on looking beautiful. Read ON!
They wear the best clothes and use the best makeup on their skin. Makeup helps to give you a beautiful appearance and this makes you a pleasure to be around with. It also gives you a professional appearance making it a must have before you head to the office. There are two makeup varieties that you can opt for, organic and inorganic. The former is better since other than protecting your skin they are safe to the environment as well. Let’s now take a look at 6 greener ways to be beautiful

Top 6 Green Ways To Look More Beautiful

Use fewer beauty products.

Inorganic cosmetics and beauty products are made of chemicals and other additives that are harmful to your skin when they are used for a long time. These chemicals are detrimental to the environment when you wash them off at the end of the day with soap and water. To reduce the impact of these chemicals on your skin and the environment, you should use fewer beauty products or those with few chemicals. This way your skin and the environment are not exposed to harsh chemicals and additives.

Buy double-duty makeup.

These are those makeup items that can be used for more than one purpose or those that offer double duty effects. When you buy such makeup items, you cut down on the chemical products that come into contact with your skin and the environment. This, therefore, makes double duty makeup one of the best ways to achieve a greener beauty regime. A great example would be to use liquid blush for your cheeks and lips. This way you only need one makeup item for two purposes. Disposing of makeup bottles and packages is another environmental hazard and when you buy double duty makeup you reduce the waste as a result.

Ditch makeup wipes for a spin brush.

Most people use wipes to remove makeup from their skin at the end of the day. These wipes, however, do a lot of harm than good. Dumping them introduces harmful chemicals into the environment and this leads to environmental degradation. The wipes harm your skin as well since they clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. This results in breakouts and skin blemishes. Your best bet in this regard is to use a spin brush to remove makeup from your skin. You will use the brush more than once and this makes spin brushes a great way to adopt a greener beauty regime.

Use natural hair products.

Hair has an important role to play in beauty. Hair, however, requires a lot of product to style and if you intend to adopt a greener beauty regimen, then you should start with your hair products. You should only use products that are organic and natural. The shampoo that you use to wash your hair should be organic and so should your hair conditioner.

Organic moisturizers are the best.

You need a moisturizer to ensure that your skin is always soft, smooth, and presentable. Since you will be using a moisturizer Top 6 Green Ways To Look More Beautiful most of the time, you should make sure that you are using one that is organic and natural. Inorganic moisturizers have detrimental effects on your skin when they are used for a long time. They harm the environment as well when they are washed off and the residue finds its way to water sources. Organic moisturizers are gentle on your skin and the environment as well.

Use organic makeup.

The world is already opting for organic food options, so it's about time that we adopt organic make up too. If you intend to adopt a green beauty routine, you should strive to use organic makeup.
This includes those that are made of natural products such as natural eye makeup. Organic makeup is gentle on your skin and it will not harm the environment when it is washed off.


We have a duty to protect the environment if we intend to live in peace and harmony. Human activity should be geared towards protecting the environment and this includes using makeup products that are green and natural.
If you are someone who has been using beauty hacks that help you look more beautiful each day that are more organic and green, tweet them to the hashtag #greenspiration or tag @iUeMagazine.

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