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Planning a trip to London? Here are 7 travel tips

If you are planning a trip to London here are some tips to make your trip better and more facilitated. From SIM usage to CAB facilities, here's an insight into things you might like. Read ON
London is among the most expensive cities to live globally. Therefore, when visiting, you need to learn various travel tips that will keep you within your budget. You want to have a great social adventure without digging too deep into your pocket. As such, here are the seven travel tips that will make your trip to London a success.

  1. Currency
This may be an obvious tip but some travelers tend to visit other cities with foreign currency assuming it is accepted. However, most shops in London only accept the Great British Pound. You can get the money from any ATM; nonetheless, you want to avoid charges. Therefore, access your money from ATM outside banks or chain supermarkets to avoid transaction charges.

There are establishments in London that accept the Euro.

  1. Understand the social scene
London is a big city, and as mentioned, it is expensive to live there. The easiest way to understand the social scene is to search the web and use websites about travel tips to London. It is one of the best cities for nightlife. Even If you are planning to get married soon, and want to travel with the guys, there are many London stag do ideas. Check them out. This might be the night you’ll never forget. The same is for the girls. If you’re searching for more relaxed travel, you can experience fantastic spa days. The elderly can enjoy dinner deals and afternoon tea. Planning a short visit to London and not sure what to see? visit London X London.

  1. The oyster card
The cheapest way to travel while in London is using the London Underground station. With the system automated, it is cheaper to use an oyster card as opposed to individual tickets. The card is preloaded with credit which makes it easier to make as many trips as you can every day. You can also use the card for London buses and cable cars.

  1. Escalator etiquette
London is ever busy due to the number of people working here. As such, you need to ensure that you keep to the right to allow those dashing up an elevator to use the left side. This seems a petty tip; however, you do not want to be in the middle of a large group of people who are going in the opposite direction as yourself.

  1. SIM card usage
Roaming charges will apply in London if you live outside the UK. Therefore, visit any British Telecom mobile shop for your pay as you go free SIM card. You get to access Google maps, WhatsApp and Facebook online. You get 75-call time minutes, 250MB of data, and 500 texts with a one-month validity. In various establishments, you can also enjoy free Wi-Fi network.

  1. Uber services
Using Uber X, you can share your fare with friends as you travel. It is a convenient way to go around for various London stag do ideas. It is also great for a girl's night out. If you are travelling with family, an Uber ensures that you get to your destination safely without the chance of losing each other in public transport. You need £10-£15 for an Uber during the rush hour. You get to your destination in an air-conditioned, comfortable and private car.

  1. The weather in London
When travelling you want to experience the best weather. Therefore, here is a guide to weather in London. It is cold and windy in the months between November and March. Between the months of June and August, it is warm and sunny and London is extremely crowded during these months.

Most people prefer to travel to London in the months of April, May, September as well as October. However, ensure that you always have an umbrella as it rains randomly in London. If you have never been to London, feel free to visit various websites such as this one on tips that help when visiting London.

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