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How To Convert YouTube To Mp4 Quickly & Easily

YouTube Videos Conversion

YouTube is one of the online platforms that allow the viewing and sharing of videos. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim are the three people that created YouTube in February 2005. The three of them were working in the same organization before they left and thought of the idea of creating an online video platform.

The thought soon materialized into action, and that was what brought about the YouTube we are enjoying today. After they created YouTube, they were approached by the search engine platform known as Google on the availability of YouTube. They negotiated with Google, and in 2006 they sold YouTube to Google at the rate of 1.65 billion dollars. As soon as Google acquired YouTube, they started adding a lot of innovations that will entice internet users. The hard work and effort that Google has put into making YouTube what it is today are what internet users are enjoying.

Asides, sharing, and watching videos, you can have your say on videos watched. It also allows users to create a channel that other users can subscribe to. The creation of channels alone has given a lot of revenue to both YouTube as a platform and the individuals that have been creating channels. The advancement in the area of Technology has made YouTube a more robust and interesting platform to use.

YouTube Videos Conversion

Rather than watching videos alone, you can now download the videos you want straight to your smartphones and laptops. Downloading the videos into your devices is even better if you look at it critically because, once a video is saved to your device, you have access to the video at any time. If you have a video downloaded to your device, the next time you want to watch that video, you do not need to open YouTube and search for it anymore. So, however you look at it, downloading is probably the best option for internet users.

Now that we have come to realize that downloading YouTube videos is better because of easy access, there are two things we need to provide answers to through this article. The first thing we need to provide answers to through this article is how do we convert and download YouTube videos to our device, while the second question we need to provide answers to is which format out of the many formats available is the best for downloading YouTube videos.

Before we proceed to start answering all the questions raised, internet users have to realize that the fact that you see a video on YouTube and even watch the video does not mean you can download the video straight to your laptop or smartphone directly on YouTube. Downloading video on YouTube is like an impossible task unless, in some cases, if you are a premium subscriber. Not everybody has the money to subscribe to as a premium subscriber, which is what has brought about the birth of numerous platforms that allow internet users to convert YouTube videos to their preferred formats and eventually download it to their devices. Interestingly, most of these platforms offer this service to internet users free of charge.

YouTube Videos Conversion

We can now move to the two questions we raised before. Let us try to answer the question bothering on the file format. If you are an internet user or a smartphone user, you would be conversant with the different types of formats that are used for downloading. Even if you have not downloaded any video on YouTube before, through downloading songs, you would have heard of different formats like Mp3, Mp4, FLV, AAC, WEBM, MPEG4, and a whole lot of others. Each of the formats listed are good, but it is our duty to let you know not only the good ones but the best out of the rest.
Our duty, in essence, is to help you choose the best format you can convert and download your YouTube video to. Without mincing words, the best format for your YouTube video is the Mp4 format. The world is now a global village; every quality that you read in this article about the Mp4 format can be investigated. The first area where the Mp4 format beats all other formats is in the area of compatibility. convert WebM to mp4 functions perfectly on Windows, Mac, Linux, OS, Android, and other operating systems you can think of. Also, on Android and IOS smartphones, videos in Mp4 format are viewed perfectly. Apart from compatibility, ease of transfer is another reason why you choose the Mp4 format when you want to convert and download a YouTube video. After downloading you can convert YouTube videos to mp4 too. 

Having answered the first out of the two questions we raised earlier, we can now proceed to answer the second question. The second question bothers on how you can convert a YouTube video to Mp4 format, then downloading it to your smartphone or laptop after it has been converted.

When you want to convert a YouTube video to Mp4 format to download it to your device, you have to get a good platform that deals with converting and downloading YouTube videos for internet users like https://ontiva.com/en/youtube-to-mp4-converter. If you open the website of YouTube to Mp4 Converter, on the first page of the website, you will see a search box. It is that search box you will need to convert and successfully download your YouTube video. But first and foremost, you have to search for the video you want to convert and download on YouTube through the YouTube search box. Once you locate the video, copy the URL link of the video and return to the platform where you want to convert your YouTube video. Paste the link you copied from YouTube into the text box we have talked about earlier. Then from the list of file formats that are available on the platform, select Mp4 format as your preferred format. After selecting the format, click on ‘Convert.’

The speed of conversion will be based on how strong your internet connection is and how fast the platform you chose is when it comes to conversion. After the video has been converted, click on the ‘Download’ and choose a destination folder, and your YouTube video will be saved to your device. If you are a brand and looking to create explainer videos, promo videos, video tutorials, or the training videos, creating them through Moovly online editor would make it more effective as you would be able to use the available templates too.

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