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Live Moment to Moment of your Life as a Value

How we lead every moment of our life eventually results in how we have lead our life as a whole. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that inspires to live every moment with happiness. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Live Moment to Moment of your Life as a Value

A few ‘out of world moments’ of my life as I celebrate myself with nature had been in Honnemaradu (a natural holiday retreat), with all my cousins. I did not know how to swim. The water was clear and fresh. It was sweet and tasty too. I got the opportunity of floating on my back with a life-jacket. I felt like a dewdrop on a leaf. That was an amazing experience of my life. The soft flush of water on the backside of my body was mesmerizing. All I had to do was to move the water with my hands and I would float in any direction. That moment, I was in a complete state of trance as I saw the sky, leaves of the tree from the natural waterbed. For a moment, I felt like I was in a moving dream. I simply didn’t want to come out of the water at all. I felt like a feather. My full-fledged gratitude to the life-jacket that gave me this experience.

Mountains have always fascinated me. Green and brown peaks are what I had seen during my growing-up years. I had trekked a few of these peaks too and the sight from top was always visual and worth remembering. I went on a snow trek to Triund in Dharamshala. This was the first time I was trekking in snow. I had not even worn proper snowshoes. After 3 km of the trek, we found our steps treading on snow. It was not pure white snow. As we started proceeding higher and higher, the path became narrower and we were more concerned about our safety as the snow was very slippery. I was just following the group. Wherever trekkers were making an imprint on snow, I would step on that imprint as snow would be a little firm there. I continued like this until the top. When I reached the top and looked around, it was only white snow peaks all around me. It was a sight to behold. For a moment I felt, I had been transported to heaven. I was breathless and speechless. This is one moment where I went completely berserk.

My first experience in a helicopter was when I was visiting Niagara Falls. I was contemplating heavily on the 100$ air ride. My dad looked at me and asked me, “Is it only money that is stopping you from this experience?” I said “Yes.” He then said, “Come, I will pay for it.” We both sat behind. I focused my camera and then the copter’s wings started splitting the layers of air. The pilot gave us an aerial view of Niagara from the US side and Canada side as well. It was a jaw-dropping view. Then the pilot tilted the helicopter as he came closer and closer to the waterfall. That one moment, I felt as though I would fall into the mighty Niagara. All I remember is the stunning silence inside as we kept tilting from side to side. My hands remained frozen, holding the camera. He then did a quick re-tour and my fingers went click, click, click on the camera. That one moment was worth my life. That is one of the best gifts etched in my heart from my dad.

When I rolled down on the sands of Jaisalmer, I came alive along with the local musical rhythm. Even at this moment, I can still feel the echoing of the songs in the desert. It was the juncture where I lost myself completely as I slid along the sand dunes. That moment too was worth to be lived. Of course, the golden sands of Dubai as well had a totally mesmerizing effect along with the sunset.

As I walked in the Ashikaga gardens and witnessed the colorful Wisteria, I felt that someone had dragged me into paradise. Mind-blowing colorful flowers, which were strewn in all directions. I felt the trees were welcoming me and kissing me with their intoxicating fragrance. Soaked in nature’s magnificent oblivion, I had nothing to ask for. It was a treat for the eyes and heart. That moment was a blessing.

Sunrise, sunsets, moonrise and the stars twinkling. In Bangalore, I have not witnessed many stars. However, when I travel out of Bangalore within 500 – 600 kilometers radius, I have noticed the stars in huge numbers. They light up the sky and the heart, which gazes at the sky. One look at the sky casts a spell and I can still feel my neck rising and looking upwards. These are the moments where I was celebrating myself with nature.

Live Moment to Moment of your Life as a Value

These are the moments where I was thinking neither of the past nor about my future. I simply lived that moment to the core. I was in the present alone. That is what I intend to cultivate as a value. Whether I am working, driving, eating, talking, dancing, writing or doing anything, I just want to commit myself completely to that particular action only. Nothing else should matter other than the present. This is the gift, which has been bestowed upon all of us.

The brain is a tape-recorder. It records everything. The memories in the brain cannot be destroyed. However, we forget some memories and remember only a few. This is because when we are alert to the moment, the mind is silent and focussed. The recordings in the brain are clear and can be retrieved at any moment. Hence, we remember certain memories vividly even after many years. Sometimes when the mind is already overcrowded with many things, there is no clarity and only confusion exists. We cannot be efficient at those times. To be more efficient, be alert and awake to the moment. Hence, living moment to moment has become a tremendous value.

Life has to be lived in moments. The more moments of joy we add up, the more beautiful life becomes and we erupt with joy. Each one of us has an account of 86400 seconds in a day. On an average, we project 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts every day. We need to be watchful of the thoughts we are giving energy to. Is it the thought that lightens us up or thought that is burdening us? The next moment is dependent on our current moment and thought. So, it is important to watch the thought.

Ponder Points

Are we living each moment as a gift?

Am I creating more moments of Joy for myself?

Action Points

Make a list of at least five ‘out of this world moments’ where you got bowled over by nature alone.

What are my priorities in my life?

Stop for a moment now and check out this moment. How am I treating this moment?

This is an excerpt from the book Erupt With Joy authored by Ms. Savitha Hosamane [available on &]

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