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Essential Marketing Strategies for Targeting a Generation Z Audience

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Generation Z Audience Millennials have taken up huge amounts of focus for marketers and commerce businesses over recent years, but now is the time to turn attention to the next generation – Generation Z.

Believe it or not, the older individuals categorized as millennials will be turning 40 soon, so it’s clear that attracting a new wave of customers to your platform or business requires a change of priority.

But who makes up Gen Z, and how do you go about getting your messages in front of them?

Who are Generation Z?

Gen Zers are general defined as those born in the mid-late 1990s, up to the early 2010s. This means that the older members of this group are now well into adulthood, with more than half of those in the generation university-educated and, therefore, more likely to have greater levels of disposable income.

Those in Generation Z may also be referred to as:

  • Post-millennials
  • Homeland generation
  • iGeneration
  • Zoomers
Unlike many in the millennial category, those in Gen Z are almost entirely digital natives, having grown up surrounded and assisted by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and digital television services.

Gen Z’s priorities

Generation Z Audience Of course, that familiarity with digital platforms should inform a large part of your efforts to connect with Generation Z.

Social media makes up a huge chunk of that, but getting on the right platforms is key. Baby boomers and millennials might favor Facebook, but Gen Zers are much more likely to be found on Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat.

This means that the visual elements of your digital marketing need to be sharp, slick, and shareable if it is to cut through to younger audiences.

Social conscience also plays a large role. Environmental concerns and social justice are key themes among Gen Zers – and this is something you can also tap into…

What will catch Gen Z’s attention?

Research from instant print highlights the importance of combining these digital efforts with more traditional, physical methods of marketing.

Think what works online – big, bold, and memorable – and apply this to your physical pitches.

Larger marketing materials like roller banners and billboard posters can be used to make short, sharp statements that get your message across efficiently. If this can be linked to your digital platforms – even better.

The Gen Z shared worldview is worth bearing in mind. Printing materials on recycled paper, or promoting greater inclusivity is likely to score big.

Personalization and loyalty are also key themes among the Gen Z market. Offering rewards and perks for their customers can be vital tools in securing repeat customers from this emerging generation. With data collection now so prevalent as our lives move increasingly inline, you can use this to offer birthday treats, offer rewards for building up purchase-linked points, and partner with other brands to increase your online footprint.

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