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25 Basic Yet Essential Life Skills You Need to Know

What we think we already know most often doesn't come to our use just when we need it, not because we do not know it but because it misses sufficient reinforcements. Here's a quick list of basic and essential life skills for you. Which ones are most important to you?
Life Skills

Learning life skills is an important part of growing up, of learning how to be a functional person, and of learning how to keep life organized and simplified. While we mostly think there's no end to list of this sort and we might need a list that goes on forever we think these 25 would summarize a good deal for you.
Each of the 25 tips listed below will make it easier for you to live a better life, protect your family, be happy, and stay out of trouble.

Roadside Assistance

Road travel has increased and is the most important way to commute for all, hence, this makes it to the top of our list. While you are on the move this emergency towing info could come in handy, when you are stranded on the side of the road. While you can join an auto club, call your insurance company or just call a friend/relative, keeping a local towing service's number on your phone is a true saviour. It's always going to protect you and your family from being stranded on the road for long durations an accident or an emergency.


You need to know how to balance your checkbook and statements. Getting around these things besides being able to learn how to manage money might be a big book overall. 

3. Driving

You must know how to drive safely and securely. This is especially important if you have children. One skill that helps you commute, keep yourself on the move and won't leave you for very very long. You can't keep taking cabs, metros and trains after all.

4. Looking For Jobs

Apply for any job you can learn how to do. LinkedIn is a vast source of fresh jobs coming in the market, but staying on a constant lookout for work is always going to keep you well off and never put you into scarce situations.

5. School

Go back to school any time remembering that you can get student loans for everything. New courses are always out there and you must learn to upgrade yourself every now and then.

6. Taxes

You must know how to complete your yearly returns or hire an accountant. Learning to keep up with them makes you a better citizen and keeps your life financially secure while you proudly boast about being a good citizen of your country.

7. Payroll

You need to check your paychecks to make sure they're right. Getting to understand the deductions, credit card bills and more can help you keep a tab on where you invested or lost or spent your money.

Life Skills

8. Sleep

You need to get to bed at the same time every night preferably, if not, you wouldn't put yourself into a healthy sleep regime, which also means you would have more disorders in the body than healthy body serve you. If you have problems sleeping, use youtube for good sleep meditation techniques.

9. Relationships

You must maintain and care for your relationships. Be careful with people and your words. Good relationships are the way to happiness and fulfillment and hence learning to maintain them well can go a long way in making you live well and love well.

10. Voting

You must vote and be sure that you have been registered when you move. While you might think one vote isn't all that important, it is the only thing that is. It's your right to choose the government that governs you finally. Never miss voting and hence keep yourself involved with basic insights into the politics of your country even if you are not a political freak.

11. Your License

You need to renew your license every few years. Keep a log when it is due. Also, keep a couple of copies always handy to keep them in your wallets unless the original is a must to carry to prevent loss. You need to apply for it well within time and clear your tests and get this through even though this work consumes time you have no option.

12. Property And Car Taxes

You need to pay your property and car taxes every year on time. Be sure you have the invoice so you know how much to pay and also do not miss doing them on time, to avoid penalty and losses. Doing them right avoids hassles and difficulties at later stages.

Life Skills 13. Scheduling

You need to have a schedule that is easy to keep up with. Keep a calendar to be sure and even more get yourself into the habit of making To-Do lists. One of the books that inspires you to do well with this is the 4.456Pi book by Sandhya N that stresses on the importance of To-Do lists so much so that out of all 14 chapters in the book, To-Do list is on the TOP. 

14. Routines

Make a routine to be sure that you have something you can repeat every day and get comfortable with. Having a good routine that covers most of your daily life aspects puts you into ease for compounding success and leaves your table at leisure for more profound and difficult tasks to deal with. 

15. Savings

You can save your money when you want to have something for the future. Savings are a must and they can mean a big deal at crisis times. Most often people tend to feel they aren't going to come at any point in the future and hence they don't plan for it well in advance but savings are a must for a good life and you must plan good systematic investment plans and insurances or other financial instruments for the same.

Life Skills

16. Vacations

You need to get away every now and then so that you can recharge. A mobile phone needs a recharge every night and so do we. Planning timely vacations is a must and if you do not know how to use the already existing portals on the internet to plan a perfect vacation take help from entrepreneurs who are in the space and walk all the extra miles for all kinds of trips that you need to make. Honeymoon Express is one such budding platform to help you get through this.

17. Maintaining A House

You need to have everything in your house repaired and maintained in the right places. Buying grocery, getting the plumbing work done, maintaining the furniture dust free, keeping the bugs away, getting your house cleaned every year thoroughly can be habits that will keep a healthy environment to live in besides keeping a robust one. 

18. Making Friends

You need to get out of the house, and you should have people around you who know you. Having a good network always pays off and a good circle is a terrific support system you need it to keep yourself strong and healthy.

19. Decorating

Make sure that you have a decorated home that is comfortable. A good decor creates a better mood whether it's just a function/party/occasion or it's about getting your living room to look at its best to you. It's a skill that keeps your creative mind active, blooming and blossoming and your moods at their best to ensure you are not moved to sadness by small little things of life.

Life Skills

20. Read

You should read and learn things about your field. Reading for pleasure is very nice for you. Most people do not know what all reading could actually give us. Authors' Paradize was born to encourage more reading and inspire more writing. 

21. Hobbies

Start a hobby that will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Hobbies help you use your time well and leave you with an absolutely rewarding feeling. Whether it's just reading or as crazy as climbing moutains do something that can become a hobby that never leaves you and can reflect your identity for people to relate to you and for you to feel a sense of satisfaction in life well lived. 

22. Sewing

You need to know how to take care of your clothes in small way when they break. This can be a skill that you might underestimate the power off, besides being handy in times to crisis of a torn party wear and nothing on the hands sort of a situation on a travel, it can be handy to bring your mind to focus on getting things right with each of your clothes at any point in time there's a loose end here or there. No wonder every hotel has this little kit inside the drawer just incase you might need it.

23. Cleaning

Cleaning should be done at least once a week so you can remain organized and comfortable. Cleanliness is next to godliness is not said for nothing. It's absolutely essential that you learn to keep your house, office, car, surroundings and body clean. It's the gateway to prevention of a lot of diseases and better health too.

24. Swimming

If you never learned how to swim, you need to take lessons. Water and being able to survive in it, can be handy in disastrous situations, should you ever fall into water bodies by chance or have to save anyone at all. Besides, being a way to save yourself and others this certainly is a skill to reduce weight, kill stress, keep yourself fit and healthy and above all never kill the charm of all your vacations where you can simply jump into the pool to kill your stress and enjoy the beaches fearlessly.

25. Customer Service
Learn to make phone calls to companies to get help with their services. All of these things come together to help you live well as an adult. There are so many things you end up buying and the companies have already collected their fee to serve you better in the future. But, most often we don't call those numbers to get timely help and fret over things we didn't have to. 

All in all with these tips at hand you shall surely stay reminded of making your life better, healthier and more peaceful as an adult. But, if you are anywhere in the age group of 14-22 and need to simplify your life, you need to get your hands on the book life simplified and give it a thorough read. It's a smooth coffee table read that flows smoothly to empower you to a simplified life.

What are your hacks for a good life? What skills do you think are most important for one to have a quality life? Shoot your thoughts right here in the comments below. 

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