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10 Things That Can Help You Succeed As A Freelancer on Fiverr

Freelancer Success If you are a beginner in the Freelancing industry or you have begun your journey on Fiverr, then you are at the right place.

The Freelancing industry is experiencing a rise globally. There are 57 million freelancers in the USA alone. According to Skillscouter, in the UK, the number of people freelancing has increased by 14% in the last decade. Further statistics show that the USA is the top rising freelance economy with a 78% growth in revenue year-on-year. It is followed by the UK and Brazil at 59% and 48% respectively.

With these statistics, the freelancing industry is set to experience a boom in the upcoming years. It is the most opportune time to start your freelancing career.

A platform that is revolutionizing the freelancing industry and the gig economy is Fiverr. It is certainly one of the best platforms for all freelancers especially for beginners like you because of its low entry barrier. There are close to a Million freelancers, and more than 7 Million on Fiverr.

Here is a list of 10 things that can help establish yourself, better conversion, and earn more money on Fiverr:

1. Quality cover Image for Gigs:

The adage ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is true when you are establishing your profile on Fiverr through the gigs. The cover image of your gig speaks about your seriousness towards your work and your representation. It can be correlated to a real-life scenario of meeting with marketing personnel of a company to decide if you want to work with the company. If the marketing personnel or a representative of an organization is not dressed appropriate to the context of the meeting; or showcases a rather unpleasant behavior, would you still work with that company? The chances are high that the answer would be a ‘No’. Your gigs act as your marketing personnel. If your image is of low quality, it will convey a message that you might not be serious about your work. A quality image would give a sense of trust to the prospective buyers. Choose an image that is relevant to convey about the services you offer.

2. Optimize your content:

Freelancer Success Once the image catches the eyes of the buyer, and he/she stops by your gig, the other crucial aspect is the type of content. Work on your content and optimize it to best showcase the services you provide, your know-how on the subject, your experience in the field, what could they expect from you, etc. Quality content increases the trust of the prospective buyer in you. If you aren’t confident of your ability to frame quality content, you could get it done from a quality content writer or a copywriter.

Also, the structure of your content would matter in the presentation. Keep it short, precise, and structure it well. Avoid ‘ALL CAPS’ in the content. The last thing a prospective buyer would want to see is that the entire content in capital letters. I have come across such gigs, and trust me, it is most irritating. A proper flow of the content in form of a storyline mentioning ‘how’ and ‘why’ are you passionate about providing the said services, would be beneficial in building trust with prospective buyers.

3. Give a price-point advantage:

Another aspect that is pivotal to catch the attention of your prospective buyers is the price-point you offer. If you are a beginner in freelancing or on Fiverr, you might want to offer the services at a lesser price than your competitors. A lower price with the equally promising quality might help you earn the initial clients. You will have to make sure to balance it well. Much lower pricing might devalue your quality of services offered.

4. Quality service and timely delivery:

If you want to succeed in your freelancing career on Fiverr, there is no escape to providing quality services and delivering on time. Communication needs to be effective to be able to convert more clients and acquire higher customer satisfaction.

5. Procure customer reviews:

Freelancer Success More positive reviews of your work from the clients who have already worked with you give a greater sense of trust to a prospective buyer. The reviews act as ‘Social Proof’ of the quality of your service. A higher number of positive reviews might earn you a position in the ‘Top-rated seller’ category of Fiverr thereby enabling you to get more conversions.

6. Maintain good relationships with clients:

Managing and maintaining relationships is hard. Here are some tips that could be helpful:

- Quick response: When a prospective buyer approaches you, revert as quickly as possible. A delayed response might lead to losing the client.

- Assurance: Assuring them that they could trust you for the expectation they have.

- Regular updates: Keeping your client updated regularly with the progress on the project would help you build stronger trust. Keeping the client in dark until the completion of the project might not help.

- Frequent Discussion: A frequent discussion with your client would help you know their expectation and make any course corrections during the project itself, instead of client disappointment and the corrections at the end.

- Keeping in touch: ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ and hence it is pivotal that you stay in touch with your clients and keep them updated about the projects worked on. Keeping in touch with updates from your side might help you win long-term contracts.

A word of caution: Fiverr doesn’t encourage connecting with the client outside of the platform. You run a risk of getting your account blocked.

7. Promote the achievements of your Gigs:

Apart from the customers you get directly from the platform, efforts from your side to market the gigs especially to create initial traction to your profile would help you rise higher faster. You could share the gigs with your business contacts who could become your potential customers or the existing clients who could share a review for your work. Further, sharing the achievements of how your gig has performed might trigger interest and create word of mouth for your gigs.

Freelancer Success 8. Promote your Gigs on your social media:

We live in a social media generation that has enabled the extension of our network. Today, a person is connected to hundreds or even thousands of people globally. Add the link to your gigs or your Fiverr profile to the bio of your Twitter account, your Facebook profile/page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube videos and create a shout-out for your gigs on social media. Studies by Fiverr show that the gigs that were promoted on social media generated higher traction compared to those that weren’t.

9. Build your portfolio:

A portfolio builds trust. Creating a portfolio of the type of designs you have created, and/or the clients you have worked with, again acts as 'social proof' for your prospective buyer. If you are a designer, add some of your designs as the cover image of gigs, if you are from another field, adding an image with the logos of companies you have worked with, would matter a great deal in better conversion.

10. Utilize videos:

Fiverr allows you to upload a short video as the cover of your gig. Studies show that people prefer to watch a video instead of reading written content. Create an effective video that speaks of your work. If possible, appear in the video and share about your work. It would help boost the trust and thereby the conversion for your gigs.


If you are a beginner in your freelancing journey or on Fiverr, we hope that these tips would help you establish yourself on the platform and get better conversions.

If you feel that any point has gotten missed, feel free to share it in the comments below.

What are your thoughts on the article? Do share them in the comments.

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