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What Makes Fiverr One Of The Best Platforms For Hiring Freelancers

Fiverr article 2 Businesses have many requirements that might be temporary or are not a core part of a business. Those requirements include designing, web designing, marketing & branding materials, videos, and many other essential aspects for a business. If you are a Startup, a small business, or a budding professional in your field, it is wise to outsource the requirements to experts in the field.

Fiverr has established itself as a go-to place for any such requirements. It is a marketplace of freelancers who post Gigs of the services they provide, and hence, it makes it easy to find relevant people for any requirement. Here are the reasons Fiverr has become one of the best platforms to hire Freelancers, Remote Workers, or temporary workers for your business:

All services under one roof:

Fiverr is a house to more than a Million freelancers who have posted the services they provide as a gig on the platform. Given the vast pool of talent on the platform, you will find a match for any of your business requirements. There are millions of gigs posted on the platform under 300+ categories and 9 sections. The sections cover aspects such as Designing, Marketing Materials and Services, Content Writing, Lifestyle Services like tutoring, Videos & Animations, Technical requirements like Programming and App development, and other aspects of the business including ‘Consulting’. It saves your time by enabling you to get any requirement fulfilled under one roof, and not having to visit multiple platforms for the same.


Fiverr article 2 Fiverr had started with the concept of $5 gigs for all the services. It made it very economical for businesses and companies looking to hire talents, thereby helping businesses with cost-cutting. Though the clause of $5 Gigs might be non-existent now, the gigs are still economically priced. You can choose the freelancer you want to hire for your project according to your budget.

Easy to use:

The platform of Fiverr is easy to navigate. A quick search with relevant keywords can help you obtain the results with the freelancers providing the service you are looking for. Fiverr also gives you an advanced filtering option enabling you to add more than one filter for the narrowed down results.

More positive ratings of a freelancer assure quality output, hence if you are open for premium freelancers, Fiverr provides the ‘Top-rated sellers’ category to help you find the right match faster. Once you have shortlisted some freelancers based on their profile, you will be able to initiate communication with them right on the platform instead of switching to a 3rd party app for the same. The payment system has been integrated as well.

More options:

Fiverr is a marketplace for finding freelancers. They post their gigs of the services provided by them, their experience, the add-ons, etc. You can choose the one you seem fit for your requirement. A trial with some freelancers to select the best would not only cost much lower, but is a better alternative to hiring an incompetent employee in-house. Hiring is an expense in terms of money, time, efforts, and even training. Reinitiating hiring for the same post multiple times would lead to a loss for an organization.

Trustworthy service & quality output:

Fiverr article 2 Though the entry barriers are low and anyone can become a seller on Fiverr, the marketplace model makes it pivotal for the freelancers to focus on quality delivery as per your expectations to get a positive review and further orders. Hence, you can be assured of trustworthy service and a quality output by the freelancer. If you are unsatisfied with the service of a freelancer, the lower investment allows you to try out another freelancer. To get quality output, make sure to go through the gigs properly, check out the turnaround time, and have an interview or a video call with the freelancer to explain your requirement in detail. Get as detailed as possible to not leave any room for confusion or assumptions.

No long-term obligation:

The advantage of hiring a freelancer or a temporary worker is that they are hired on a project basis and don’t involve any long-term obligation or commitment. You will not have to invest in giving perks, allowances, paid leaves, etc. that come along as an investment with hiring an in-house full-time employee. On the other hand, if you do like the service of a freelancer, you can stick with them for the long-term.

Who should use Fiverr?

While the services offered on Fiverr cover the length and breadth of many industries, making it a viable platform for all types of businesses, here is a list of some of them who could benefit:

Crowdfunding Campaigns:

For effective fundraising through Crowdfunding campaigns, storytelling plays a pivotal role. A story can be conveyed through well-designed images, or videos of your narration of the product/service, or a quality voiceover; you could find the freelancers on Fiverr for a low investment, given that you might have a constraint in budgets at the onset. You can avail the services of freelancers, including experts in campaign creation, for any requirement related to your crowdfunding campaign.


Fiverr article 2 As a startup, there would be a myriad of design and other requirements from the onset, and hiring an employee for the same might turn out to be expensive. You could hire the freelancers from Fiverr for your branding, including designs of your branding material, Web designing, Marketing campaigns, and/or any other requirement specific to your business.

Small Businesses:

As a small business, your focus shouldn’t be divided between the core i.e. business growth, and other requirements that fall out of your core priorities. You can hire freelancers to fulfill all those requirements. It would help not only grow your business with complete focus but also save money that otherwise would have to be invested in hiring.


As an Author, you might have varied requirements ranging from designing the cover page of your book to quality designs that can help you promote your book on social media and other forums. The trend of trailer videos for books is on a rise as well. The freelancers on Fiverr are reliable for the expertise and can be of great help so that you can continue doing what you do best, Writing!


Fiverr article 2 The cover art of your podcast and the show notes are pivotal for the success of your podcast. You might either not have time or lack the expertise to prepare the SEO-friendly show notes for your episodes. The freelancers on Fiverr are experts in this and can come to be of great assistance to save you time and grow your podcast.

Digital Marketing Companies:

As a digital marketing company working to serve as many clients as possible, you can use the services of freelancers to cater to the requirements that might be beyond the scope of in-house employees; to delegate the responsibilities if the number of projects exceeds the delivery capability; or to expand your services portfolio.

Online Stores:

The freelancers on Fiverr can become an extended arm to fulfill various requirements and help grow your online store. The services that freelancers can provide and could be beneficial for your business include Web Designing, Graphic designing, SEO, Newsletter setup, product videos, content for blog posts, etc.

Marketing Teams of Companies:

For the marketing teams of any company to perform effectively, their requirements include marketing materials, marketing campaigns, videos, chatbots, branding services, etc. The freelancers on Fiverr can help fulfill the requirements.


It is wise to outsource the activities that don’t form the business core to freelancers and improve your business productivity. Hiring the services of freelancers from Fiverr can not only facilitate faster execution of your ideas, it also helps you in saving money that can be invested in business growth.

We hope that this article was helpful to you.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do let us know in the comments below. Image (Affordability): Mphathi2009, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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