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Situations Where a VPN is Useful

Prying eyes or spying Wi-Fis can be overcome by simply using a reliable VPN. Read ON!
Situations Where a VPN is Useful You might already know that a VPN is a virtual private network, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether this type of service might be useful in your life? There are several situations where the use of a VPN is a good idea that can save you a lot of hassle.

To Work More Securely

The fact that so many of us now work remotely or take our personal devices to work with us makes it more difficult for businesses to keep control of their data. In CISO’s Benchmark Report 2020, over half of the companies surveyed suggested that their processes had become more difficult to manage due to the increasing number of mobile devices being used by employees.

In the first six months of 2022, we’ve witnessed a series of large-scale hacking attempts and extortion attempts on a number of large companies as well as on government agencies, meaning that your devices could be targeted if they offer hackers easy access to company databases and other sensitive information. Using a VPN keeps everyone safer.

When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are great for quickly catching up on your messages or reading the latest social media posts while you’re out and about. They can help make a trip to the mall or the airport that bit better, but they’re also among the least secure ways to go online. By accessing the internet in this way, you give people a chance to spy on your activity.

If we go back to 2014, over 87% of Americans said that they used public Wi-Fi regularly, and in 2018 an ITRC survey revealed that three out of every four people use it, so it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon. In fact, in the European Union, a budget of $120 million was allocated between 2018 and 2020 to create many more public Wi-Fi spots across the continent.

The best move is to avoid public Wi-Fi altogether if you can do so. However, if you feel that you might sometimes want to do this, having a VPN on your device keeps you safe. It automatically makes your online activity virtually impossible to trace or hack, meaning that things like your passwords and banking information are safe.

To Access Services Not Available in Your Country

Situations Where a VPN is Useful While most of the main reasons for using a VPN are to boost your online security, there are also some instances where you might decide to use one for other purposes. For example, you might not be aware that online streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix have different catalogs for each country or region where they operate, due to issues such as copyright laws. Some football matches are geo-restricted as well.

Some users also like to play casino games that are unavailable where they live. This review of the best online casinos for Arabic players covers sites such as Betway, 1XBet, and 888 Casino, which aren’t available directly to people in this part of the world. The site confirms that millions of Arabic players access gambling sites located outside the Arabic world. This is done through the use of a secure VPN as well as an anonymous payment method. When shopping online, alternative offers can pop up on sites such as Amazon and eBay too. Of course, where physical shipping of a product is required, you need to be sure that you can give the correct delivery address to receive what you buy. If you’re thinking of traveling for Christmas, being able to shop online like you’re used to at home can be a way of lowering your stress levels.
These are just some of the reasons for using a VPN, but for most people, any of them is enough to justify using this secure method of going online from now on.

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