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How Should We Face The Problems in LIFE?

Problems become the roadblocks on the path to success, but seldom do we have the clarity of how to face them. Here is an excerpt from Life Simplified! book authored by Mr. Sujit Lalwani, that can help with the same. Read On!
Facing Problems In Life

An important thing that remains a mystery in our lives is PROBLEMS. How do we face them? How do we keep ourselves positive forever & be happy? (this question in itself is a problem – A BIG ONE!) :)

Nothing Comes Home...You Have To Get OUT & Get IT~! – Sujit Lalwani

Folks, problems are just those elements of life, which come to tell us or teach us something we do not know. It’s just one of the ways LIFE lets you know, that you need to GROW. In fact, they are signboards for growth in our life. The purpose of life as discussed is growth and problems indeed are a definite indication that you are growing.

If you aren’t facing problems you can be sure you have down-sized your dreams, you have accepted to be mediocre in what you are doing, you have killed the dreams that make you feel your life is worth living; you are not breathing, you aren’t making or aren’t able to put efforts to grow at all.

Even a single dream that you are willing to work for is sufficient to let you know that problems are a permanent part of life.

ALL problems can never be solved, for, they are the only locomotives to take our life ahead and drive us towards our dreams and desires. But, by most of us & most of the times, they are perceived as roadblocks instead of growth catalysts. Instead of rejoicing at every signboard of growth, we are busy complaining about them. I don’t understand why? Simple – we want easier ways out or we have a certain picture of life in our mind with which the situations/circumstances don’t match or let’s accept it in the face and agree to it – We are lazy! (if you are complaining all the time then it’s laziness!)

The reason people perceive problems as roadblocks is because they do not address them & keep facing them repeatedly, for, they keep coming till you get over them.

“What You were Once, Was Also Because You Were Someone Else Before that” – Sujit Lalwani

When you face the same problem over and over again, then it’s being a roadblock instead of being a growth catalyst. If you quickly address an issue and jump to the next, then the problems begin to act as wheels of your wagon, they act as the accelerator pedal of your car, they act as the propeller of your rocket, they act as the CPU of your computer, they act as the battery of your machine, and they rapidly augment the rate of your growth in your pursuit.

Facing Problems In Life

Hence in simple words:

A problem is that element of life, which tells you what you do not have in you to achieve what you want in life.

The problem showcases to you an inability that needs to be addressed. A sharpened axe cuts trees, but when it loses its sharpness, “sharpening it” is the solution to the problem but it is the solution only when the desire to cut more trees exists. Sharpening the axe is futile if the desire to cut more trees itself doesn’t exist.

Now that you understand what a problem is and the fact that it is great to have them, beware of the problems that are like viruses in the system. They eat up the CPU itself. One among those that are commonly faced is the PEER PRESSURE.

But if you see it from all angles and analyze it carefully, even peer pressure is just a problem to be addressed. From our mentioned definition of problem, we know a problem is just an inability to handle something; hence, handling people is also a problem only until you have an inability to handle them. A lot of pe­­­­­­­ople are bogged down by worries of what others think about them. Friends, I urge you all to ignore this continuing and perennial thought of “what others think about you” and focus on developing your strengths, dreams, abilities, and talents. Peer pressure can’t govern your decisions if your beliefs are strong, but owing to low self morale you tend to get driven into the whirlpool of opinions of people around you and hence this pressure takes over in different ways.

“Once You keep Aside the Emotional side Of yours, Is when You stop using the phrase “This was a BAD PHASE” of life..” – Sujit Lalwani

If taunts and comments of people are a problem, it’s just the little sportive nature you need to develop in yourself, where you need to tell yourself, it’s just a part and parcel of life, which you have to inevitably go through to GROW. When you know your dreams, with utmost clarity, and are determined to achieve them, you may not even have the time to focus on what people think about or comment about you.

E.g., At this moment I truly do not care, what a million others are thinking about me while I write this book to you. All of them put together couldn’t stop me from compiling this book for you & it has reached you through all barriers. People kept talking, while I kept writing. Remember “What you focus on, expands!” So don’t over-focus on your problems else they will blow out of proportion. Focus on solving them.

“Peers put pressure on those peers who are available to be put pressure upon. If you are busy chasing your dreams you may never face the brunt of this, but if you are lazy and spending away your time on things of no value and return, you are worth being made fun of

You are worth being made fun of if you simply wiling away your time because you would find yourself doing the same to others in your free time.

“Do not do to others what you would not want others to do unto you!”

I advise you to drown in the beauty of dreams of this beautiful life and endlessly walk towards them. Dreams have the power to move you from being ordinary to extra-ordinary; chase them and you shall discover that your sense organ EAR was never engineered to receive taunts and comments.

Facing Problems In Life

When it comes to talking about problems, I would love to quote here about an article of mine, I once wrote for the e-Magazine of IU( with the title “LIFE - An ever-changing question paper!”, whose theme was – Each time you think you have got all the answers to all your worries/ problems/questions in life, Life changes the question paper itself.

This made me understand that I need to be ever ready for challenges. A new set of challenges shall appear each time I finish a given set of them. While dealing with peer pressures, problems & challenges I concluded the greatest empowering truth of my life:

“The most important learning of my life is that no matter what stage of life you are at, what position you are in, what profession you are in, people will never be satisfied with you - someone somewhere will surely be dissatisfied with you, and only then you can be sure you are on the right track.”

It’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s expectations in your life. So I decided to just cater to those of the closest and most loved ones, which also has its own challenges that are unique to each of our lives.

A lot of times the expectations of close ones kill us more than taunts and comments of our enemies. It’s true & I totally agree. It’s definitely the case when you are failing them continuously, but under such cases, you need to know where to draw the line. Expectations of people from you itself is a chapter that we could deal with separately, but in a nutshell, it could be understood by going back to our chapter on failures and success.

“The Glory Is Always Hidden Between The Lines Of the Story” – Sujit Lalwani

I would love to remind you here, that whatever you are doing and expected to do (expectations of close & loved ones) if you make it your passion and do it with love and then be determined to be the best, you will soon see people giving you more freedom to do all that you desire than you ever imagined!

Facing Problems In Life

Expectations are pressures the world puts on you because they think you are capable of keeping up to them. It’s a positive thing (under limits of course) which should empower you to understand that you are worthy of being expected from.

Restating here and closing this chapter:

“Problems are a mere indicator that you are growing& moving ahead. They need to be addressed &not complained about!”

Now you finally have a changed perception towards your problems in life. Time to note down this change that has taken place. Go back to your list of problems and write down the way your perception towards them has changed!

(Note: Re-read the chapter if any particular problem is still bothering you and feel the change take place. If you still are bothered, feel free to contact me at

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