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What Is INspiration And What The Word Itself Can Teach Us

“INspiration” is driven more by INternalisation and very less from external events. Rings a bell? Read ON!
One of the factors that has helped me immensely when it comes to understanding, connecting with, mentoring & consulting people is the power of language & linguistics. You will be able to notice me referring to the same in my writing & my sessions as well. Linguistics has usually worked as a strong stimuli for me to get into researching, understanding & utilizing human behavior. So, what I’m going to be discussing in this piece here is the word “Inspiration”. I believe Inspiration Unlimited is the the perfect platfrom for me to do so. I have usually observed that post a session or a conversation that I conduct, what people instantly take away is value or strategy but not everybody takes inspiration immediately.

In fact, I have been blessed to have people get in touch with me months after my sessions and sometimes even years later, to tell me that something in one of my sessions inspired them to take on something new or breakthrough a challenge. After a lot of such instances I wanted to understand why everybody does not get inspired instantly in a session. I realized that even I don’t get inspired immediately quite often, even though I’m meeting, interacting and learning from an extraordinary individual. I do see value, I take immense learning & even use it but not necessarily get inspired. Even I have had experiences, where, what the person said to me inspired me months or years after the conversation. I have come to understand how this works after having had this discussion with a lot of people and once again the word "inspiration" itself or rather linguistics is what helped me get the right perspective here.

I started understanding when & why people tend to actually feel or get inspired. It's usually when they have a challenge that affects them so much that they start looking for inspiration. In that state of mind, some actually look for sessions and conversations with people and end up signing up for sessions to take inspiration. Some who don’t actually have the opportunity to do so, look back at their experiences & conversations in the past and take inspiration from them. This is what made me understand the concept & the word itself. “INspiration” is driven more by INternalisation and very less from external events.

An external event will surely facilitate internalization but cannot drive you. So, the important point to understand and accept here is that we are only INspired when we actually need it from withIN and we wont need that until we truly are in a challenge. Which is why a lot of people tend to go back to experiences that they had been through years ago and use it as inspiration to move forward because "now" is when they feel challenged and they need that dose of inspiration.

The human mind is a brilliant tool and we must start using it to its possible levels of capability. By now you know that our mind searches for inspiration when it feels challenged. However, it does not need to feel challenged by the present. The most successful people on the planet tend to constantly look at the future and interpret the challenges that could come their way and affect them. At that point their mind is simply aware of a challenge, it does not matter whether its in the present or in the future. When the mind is aware of a challenge it starts looking for inspiration and this adds immense value to your growth and certainly has direct impact to help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to growing & achieving success, we all need inspiration to drive us forward. So, starting right now, think of the goals you want to achieve in the near & far future, interpret what could make it hard to achieve, Let your mind become aware of the challenges ahead and you will have the need to be INspired from withIN. You will be amazed at the kind of conversations you would then have and the value you generate from them once you have realized the need to be INspired. Have the most INspirational Day(s) ahead. See you in the next post.If you have had experiences where you have felt inspired from past experiences and conversations by simply looking back or have felt and gotten aware of the need for inspiration and have materialized it when you needed it, share your experiences in the comments below.

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Amit Punjabi
A certified NLP trainer, Master Practitioner & Business coach/ Strategist.

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