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10 Inspiring Stories That Will Change Your Life

The very fact that you're reading this article is proof that you're focused on personal growth, and self-improvement and have goals to accomplish in Life that need you to stay driven and inspired.

Each of us can find that fire within but that fire within us also needs external fuel regularly, which comes from stories of other successful people who have achieved what we desire to achieve. Sometimes people from our industry inspire us while at other times there's something we learn from successful people from other sectors that ends up giving us a better direction in our industry and path in life.

Here's a list of inspiring stories of people from various sectors whose stories have already inspired millions of people. Each of these stories are worth a fortune as they have already shown the world what they are capable of, and 1000s of people wake up remembering them to start their days. Read ON!

1. Mirabai Chanu:

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Mirabai Chanu was born in Nongpok Kakching, a village in Manipur, India. Her father was a construction worker and her mother ran a tea shop, and understandably, the family had to withstand a severe financial crisis.

But, even this financial crisis couldn’t stop Mirabai from dreaming big. She started her journey in weightlifting and has won several medals and awards. She won a Silver medal for India in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and has been conferred with Padma Shri (the fourth highest civilian honor) and Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna award by the Government of India.

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2. Michael Teoh:
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Mr. Michael Teoh is an award-winning Entrepreneur from Malaysia and a Malaysian Book of Records Holder for the Most Extraordinary Global Leadership Experience for a Youth in 2012.

He was very active from his young years getting involved with Debating, Public Speaking, Drama, and Science & Innovation competitions nationally and internationally. He started Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia (YEM) to inspire Malaysian youth to be entrepreneurial. It has grown to become which has more than 30,000 readers.

He is the Founder & CEO of Thriving Talents that has worked with clients like Microsoft, Intel, Brother, McMillan Woods, and the Ministry of Education Malaysia to name a few. He was recognized as Top 10 Malaysian Talents, 2012; he is International Speaker listed by the Speakers Bureau in the UK and Russia; and was a Winner of the Your Big Year Global Citizenship 2011- traveling to 22 countries & impacted 300,000 lives.

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3. Melvin Louis:

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Melvin Louis is a celebrated choreographer in the Indian film industry but this wasn’t the path he had set out for initially. As a teenager, he dreamt of becoming a banker which he achieved. He got placed in an investment bank after his graduation. But life had other plans for him. Within a few months, he was notified that he was being fired as the bank was shutting down.

With the inspiration of becoming someone irreplaceable, he chose dancing & choreography as his profession. He broke stereotypes, broke away from following the trends, and instead created his own styles. Today, he is a much sought-after choreographer and an inspiration for millions of aspiring dancers. Melvin has won the Dance Icon of India Award at the Global Excellence Awards, Mumbai.

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4. Ashok Shankar Rathod:

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Mr. Ashok Shankar Rathod is the Founder of OSCAR Foundation, one of the prominent non-profit organizations working in India towards Sports for Development. He was born in Dharavi- the biggest slum in Asia located in Mumbai, India.

He soon noticed an issue that the slum children were quitting school and getting addicted to drugs from an early age. He used the only thing he had- a football. He started teaching football to children with a condition that they continue their schooling. Since its inception in 2010, OSCAR Foundation has empowered more than 14,000 kids & youth in various low-income communities in India.

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5. Ashish Kashyap:

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Mr. Ashish Kashyap is currently the founder of INDMoney, a wealth management platform. In the past, he has founded several established platforms like Goibibo [Travel aggregator], [Online shopping], and PayU [Payment Gateway] to name a few.

Prior to starting Goibibo, Mr. Ashish worked as the Country Head of Google wherein he had set up the domestic business from scratch. He had previously worked at Times Group, where he led the setup of several platforms.

He built Goibibo so big that it was acquired by MakeMyTrip for $1.8 Billion [about Rs.12000 Crores] in 2017. His current venture INDMoney is valued at $11 million as of Dec 2022. Mr. Ashish Kashyap is a true example of a successful Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur.

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6. Dr. Charles Batte:

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Dr. Charles Batte was born in a small town in Kampala, Uganda in Africa. Ge grew up in an environment wherein he was exposed to a lack of opportunities, poverty, crime, drugs, and poor health service.

While this exposure and experience may have bogged down any other individual, these inculcated in him a spirit of social responsibility in Dr. Charles Batte.

He went on to win the 2012 World Merit Global Ambassador for Social Entrepreneurship award through which he traveled to over 20 countries from 5 continents. Being a finalist in the HRH Prince of Wales Award, being named Global Laureate Fellow by the International Youth Foundation, and being named Dalai Lama Fellow for social entrepreneurs are among a few of his achievements to date.

He is a Climate Advisory Council Member at Pathfinder International in his current position.

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7. Sneha Sharma:

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If you aspire to become a pilot, Ms. Sneha Sharma will be your inspiration. If you aspire to become a racer, Ms. Sneha Sharma will be your inspiration even at that. She is the only Indian to be both a Pilot and a Formula 4 racer. She has been dubbed ‘India’s Fastest Lady’.

The journey was no path of roses. She belonged to a middle-class family and hence her parents weren’t able to afford the high cost of training as a racer. She opted for a personal loan and went to the USA to learn to become a pilot as the amount earned from being a pilot could help support the dream of becoming a racer.

She worked hard as a pilot, managed time to learn racing, and then competed at national-level racing tournaments. In her racing career, Sneha has so far won six races and has won 14 runner-up positions. [Wikipedia]

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8. Karuna Rana:

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Ms. Karuna Rana was born and brought up in a humble background in Mauritius. In the initial years, she followed a routine path of taking up a job after her studies, but her passion for the environment moved her. She was keen on contributing towards the betterment of environmental challenges.

She took a decision to take a year gap from her job, started a movement for the environment in Mauritius, and inspired several youngsters towards it. She has been a speaker at several renowned forums including ‘One Young World’.

She is a Fulbright Scholar with a Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Policy. She has worked on Policy advocacy, and initiatives for Climate, Ocean, and Plastic pollution. She is a Co-Founder of SYAH which is building and connecting young people from small islands in Africa and Asia. The purpose of this is to enable collaboration among them and get their voices heard for sustainable development policy.

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9. Matt Aitchison:

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Does attending seminars and being around positive people from an early age have an impact on you? The success of Matt Aitchison is an example of that.

It wasn’t that easy though. Matt Aitchison’s stepmother used to take him to the seminars but he lost her. External influences derailed his path and led him to be expelled from high school. He even experienced a jail-time for getting into an altercation during his graduate studies. This was a time that proved to be life-changing, as he decided to make a change.

Today, Matt Aitchison is a real estate investor, syndicator, speaker, and philanthropist. He is also the host of the Millionaire Mindcast, a Top 100 ranked business podcast.

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10. Vilas Nayak:

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Vilas Nayak hails from a modest background in a small town called Ujire in Karnataka, India. He started painting at the age of 3, but neither did he have resources nor teachers to help him grow in his art. He excelled in his studies and got a job as Human resources officer but never stopped dreaming big. He started practicing day in and out to master his art, quit his job to pursue it full-time, and is now known as ”Asia’s fastest speed painter”.
He has performed in more than 500 shows in 23+ countries and has received praise from celebrities and renowned personalities globally including Narendra Modi [PM of India], his Highness Dalai Lama, and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam [Ex-President of India] among others.

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Final thoughts:

Without inspiration & drive from within no great goals were ever accomplished. Hope you find some lessons from these stories that leave you inspired for a long time to come for whatever endeavors you're taking up. If you or your friends have a story that can inspire the world, we're happy to feature the story. Tweet to us @iuemag_com or join our Facebook family of 80,000+ followers & DM us there. Subscribe to stay connected with more stories like these directly into your inbox.

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