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Why Focusing On Your Problems Is Never The Solution


Problems are a part of the lives of all of us, and we have to deal with several of them throughout our lifetime; though the type and the intensity might vary among different people.

I have loved this quote:

“Problems are a mere indicator that you are growing and moving ahead. They need to be addressed and not complained about.” –Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified!

For one child, going to the school might be a problem; while for another, not having an education is.

For parents, managing their children might be a problem; while for a school, managing so many children and their varied emotions, is.

For a youngster, having time but not knowing where to invest might be a problem; while for grown-up handling the responsibilities, is.

For a housewife, taking care of the household might be a problem; while for her husband, earning the livelihood is.

For an employee, the stress at work might be a problem; while for an Entrepreneur, managing the decision-making of the myriad aspects of the company including the workforce is.

For some, it might be the relationship issues they have to handle; while for some, there are financial constraints to be dealt with every day.

For some, not having met the expectations of life might be a problem; while for some, having a life they don’t have any control on, is.

For some, being poor is a problem; while for some being rich but worrying about the security of the money is.

For a marketing professional, having to travel to visit different clients might be a problem; while for a software engineer, having to sit in front of the system is.

For some, not having a phone to communicate is a problem; while for some, having a phone but having to answer too many calls in a day is.

For some, having to walk a long distance might be a problem; while for some having to ride is.

Problems are a part of everyone’s life. If we observe around, we will find no dearth of it. So, if we all have problems in our lives, what becomes the distinguishing factor?

The biggest distinguishing factor is our ‘attitude’ towards the problems. Are we someone who gets bogged down by the problems and complain about it endlessly? Or do we take the problems as the challenges and think of the solutions?

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” - Captain Jack Sparrow

Indeed, a quality that makes any person a Leader is the ability to look beyond the problems and think of the ways to solve it. The attitude that we need to learn and ingrain if we want to become successful in our lives, is to become a ‘problem-solver’.


The people who are loved, followed, looked up to, and are successful in their respective fields; have one common trait: They are ‘problem-solvers’!

Now, if we just shift the perspective and look around, we would observe that any product or service that we experience today is a solution to a problem that existed. Be it something as small as a water bottle to even a mobile phone, to the hospitality industry, or even the publication and author marketing industry, every industry that exists has been a solution thought by someone to the same problem, but rather than complaining about it, he/she found a solution to it.

Some examples for the same are: the sales teams of the companies were facing the problems related to lead generation and management, that’s when the companies like Salesforce, Pipedrive came into the picture to provide a solution for it. The E-commerce industry is itself a solution to the problem of finding it difficult to shell out time to go shopping; and when these E-Commerce companies emerged, many of the companies had a problem answering the customer queries and that is when the Chatbot services like were born.


In every success story of an individual or a company, in accordance with the aspect of the story that is highlighted, we can observe that they found the solution to their problems.

Be it a problem in our personal life, a problem in our professional life; or a problem in our community. There is always a solution for everything if we can just think of it.

What should we do with the problems?

Accept and Cope: There are some aspects of life that we can’t change and the existence of problems in our lives is one of them. Unfortunately, there would be no escape route from the problems. Hence, it is best that we first accept them. Acceptance of the problems helps us relieve the frustrations and irritations caused by them and we would be in a better mindset to deal with them.


Take it as a challenge: We should take the problem as the challenge that we have to face. Taking it as a challenge gives us the strength and courage needed to be able to face it. It prepares us with aggression to overcome the problem rather than getting suppressed by it.

Write down the possible solutions: Once, we are in a frame of mind to fight out the challenges, several ideas and ways would sprout in our minds to deal with them. We should just write all of them down without judging the possibility of implementation. We should talk more about the possible solutions and not about the problems.

Face it head-on: We should choose how the problem can be solved and face it head-on. Whatever the result might be, we should battle it out like a ‘warrior’!

It’s okay to fail: Even if we have failed in an attempt to solve the problem, it is fine. It’s okay to fail! But we shouldn’t stop. We should learn from the failure and get better in the next attempt.

Try Again: We should persevere and keep trying until we find the solution.

Some of the “Problems Quotes” that I love are below:






So, the questions that we need to ask ourselves are: Can we observe a ‘problem’ and think of a ‘solution’? Are we a ‘problem-solver’?

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